2. Graduand’s Guide


2.1 Graduands are required to register during the stipulated reporting time to the respective secretariat at the registration venue as stated above. Graduands who fail to comply with the requirement will not be permitted to enter the hall.

2.2 Instructions on the procession line-up and seating arrangements will be given by the officer-in-charge. Please adhere to the instructions given.

2.3 Barcode slips will be distributed during registration stating the Graduand’s procession line-up and seating arrangement.

2.4 Briefings on the graduand’s procession to Arena Gemilang will be given during the rehearsal day. Graduands are not allowed to leave the hall or change seats anytime during the session.

2.5 Graduands may enter the hall upon the announcement made by the Master of Ceremony.

2.6 Graduands must be seated at your allocated seats as shown in Appendix.

2.7 Graduands will be instructed to line-up to the left side of the stage before the Dean/Director invites His Excellency Tun Chancellor/The Honourable Pro-Chancellor for the presentation ceremony. Please adhere to the instructions given by the officer-in-charge Please refer Appendix.

2.8 Upon announcement by the Dean, graduands are required to walk forward when instructed, up the stairway onto the stage. Give the officer-in-charge the barcode slip and wait for your name to be announced.

2.9 Hearing your name being called, walk towards His Excellency Tun Chancellor or The Honourable Pro-Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor, bow respectfully, receive folders with both hands and say “Thank You Tun or Thank You.

2.10 Graduands are not required to shake hands during or after receiving the folders UNLESS in situations where His Excellency Tun Chancellor or The Honourable Pro Chancellor extend their hand to shake.

2.11 Conferment of degree will be given by either His Excellency Tun Chancellor, The Honourable Pro-Chancellor or Vice Chancellor.

2.12 In the event where the conferment of degree is presented by the Pro Chancellor, protocol and etiquette is according to the one set for His Excellency Tun Chancellor.

2.13 Walk across the stage and proceed down the stairway and back to your allocated seats. Officers-in-charge will guide you to your seat. Please refer Appendix.

2.14 Graduands are NOT ALLOWED to leave the hall before the end of each session.

2.15 The latest information on procedures for the ceremony can be accessed at our Official Website at http://www.unimas.my/convocation/.