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Unimas signs MoU with private medical centre

unimas-mouMutual benefit: Suaidi (sitting, second left) and Dr Au Yong (third left) signing the MOU.
Kuching: The training of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) medical students and staff has received a boost with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Normah Medical Specialist Centre.

The MoU between Unimas and Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd is expected to provide the university’s medical, allied health and nursing trainees with additional opportunities.

Unimas has also proposed that a teaching hospital be built in Kota Samarahan.

“We have requested for a teaching hospital in Kota Samarahan.

“It will not only benefit Unimas also the population of Kota Samarahan and the surrounding areas,” said Unimas vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Mohamad Kadim Suaidi at the signing ceremony.

“Sealing the collaboration will strengthen Unimas through the sharing of expertise and experience in the medical field.“The centre will also give Unimas advice with regard to managing the planned Unimas teaching hospital.”

Normah CEO and managing director Datuk Dr Au Yong Kien Hoe said they wanted to develop a hospital with standards and quality similar to what patients would receive in a first-world hospital.

“In order to do that, we have embarked on an accreditation exercises for Normah and we are now MSQH (Malaysian Society for Quality in Health) accredited,”

The collaboration will significantly strengthen and bring both parties nearer to their objectives.

‘On-campus hospital vital due to rising population in Kota Samarahan’

KOTA SAMARAHAN: The anticipation of local population to grow significantly over the next decade remains a push factor for the proposal of building a university hospital here.

According to Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) vice chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Mohamad Kadim Suadi, several options have been brought up with regard to the plan, including sharing of operations with the Petra Jaya Hospital, which is currently under construction.

However, the university has informed the government of its preference to have the hospital within the campus, considering that the facility is not only meant for Unimas, but also for the locals and those from surrounding areas.

“We need to have a teaching hospital within the Kota Samarahan vicinity due to our anticipation that population growth would reach between 500,000 and 700,000 within the next 10 to 15 years. Having a full-fledged hospital in Kota Samarahan is the right way to go, and this is what we are requesting,” he told reporters after officiating at the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Unimas and Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd here yesterday.

Mohamad Kadim was accompanied by the university’s board of directors member Dr Herman Ritom, its deputy vice chancellors Prof Mohd Fadzil Abdul Rahman (students affairs and alumni) and Prof Dr Kopli Bujang (research and innovation), as well as its Faculty of Medical and Health Science dean Prof Dr Ahmad Hata Rasit.

Sarawak Medical Centre – which runs Normah Medical Specialist Centre – were represented by its chief executive officer and managing director Datuk Dr Au Yong Kien Hoe, medical centre administrator Latipah Ahmad, medical director Dr William Luong Chau, chairman Dr Gabriel Teo Yu Teck and deputy chairman Dr Wong Koh Ping.

On the proposal for the campus hospital, Mohamad Kadim said the discussion between Unimas and the government had entered a serious stage, adding that he was confident that the request would be attended to.

However, he disclosed that the estimated cost for the project had yet to be ascertained.

“Unimas is also still in discussion with the government on the modus operandi of the proposed hospital.

“In this regard, we do not rule out the involvement of private parties,” he said.

Currently, Unimas is sending its medical students for practical training at Sarawak General Hospital, Timberland Medical Centre, Borneo Medical Centre and Normah Medical Specialist Centre.

Source: The Borneo Post

UNIMAS Signs MoU with Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd


KOTA SAMARAHAN, 6th February 2015 : The University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for staff, expertise and services exchange.

The signing of the MOU hopes to commit UNIMAS and Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd to work more closely toward the pursuit of excellence in Medicine as the cooperation can boost the accreditation for the medical faculty as Sarawak  Medical Centre can provide access and make available its full medical, Radiological and laboratory services for servicing the staff of UNIMAS and also may accord practicing and admitting rights to UNIMAS clinical specialist consultants who have satisfied the government Regulatory and the SMC hospital credentialing and privileging committee requirements.

University Malaysia Sarawak is a public university and Institution of Higher Learning that provided staff member medical benefits and would look to an association with a cost effective medical care provider that has the infrastructure and reputable medical consultant.

UNIMAS also will be embarking on developing university hospital incorporating a public and private division and is desirous of setting up an association for knowledge, skill transfer and cooperation to run the university Hospital.

The cooperation with private and government medical facility can also benefit faculty clinician to do their medical practice, operate and contribute to the community.

For the signing ceremony, UNIMAS was represented by the Vice Chancellor Professor Dato’ Dr Mohamad Kadim Bin Suadi while Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd was represented by Chief Dr. Au Yong Kien Hoe , Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

Article : Corporate Planning and Communications Division || Photo : Azlandy M.A.T

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Memperkasa Keunikan Jenama UNIMAS



KOTA SAMARAHAN, 4 Februari 2015 : Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) bakal menubuhkan sebuah sekolah perniagaan dipanggil ‘UNIMAS Business School’ (UBS) sebagai transformasi terbesar yang diterajui oleh sebuah universiti awam di Sarawak.

Pengumuman penubuhan UBS yang juga merupakan pertama kali diumumkan di negeri ini telah disampaikan oleh Naib Canselor UNIMAS, Profesor Dato’ Dr Mohamad Kadim Suaidi semasa beliau membentangkan amanat dalam Majlis Amanat Naib Canselor Tahun 2015, bertempat di Arena Gemilang, DeTAR PUTRA, hari ini.

Menurut beliau, penubuhan UBS adalah sejajar dengan hasrat universiti ini untuk menyediakan peluang pendidikan yang terpilih di rantau ini serta bertepatan dengan saranan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia untuk menekankan kepada ilmu keusahawanan.

“ UBS akan memfokuskan kepada pengajian siswazah dan pengajian sepanjang hayat dengan pengambilan pelajar dibuat dalam tahun ini,” katanya lagi.

Naib Canselor berkata, untuk peringkat awalan, UBS akan menawarkan program Eksekutif dan program keusahawanan dan perniagaan menerusi penekanan ‘ Hands-On Education Experience”.

Selain itu, Naib Canselor turut mengumumkan penjenamaan lima PTj (Pusat Tanggungjawab) UNIMAS iaitu UNIMAS Research Innovation, UNIMAS International, UNIMAS Graduate School, UNIMAS Publisher dan UNIMAS Engage.

Profesor Dato’ Dr Mohamad Kadim berkata, penjenamaan PTj itu membolehkan UNIMAS meletakkan nilai tinggi kepada universiti selain memberi suntikan nafas baharu terhadap daya upaya universiti dalam menghadapi persaingan dalam pengajian tinggi negara.

“ Malah, ia bertepatan dengan langkah KPM yang menggariskan keperluan IPT tempatan untuk meningkatkan visibiliti global melalui jalinan kerjasama antarabangsa serta mencapai kedudukan dunia yang terbaik,” katanya.

Tahun ini, amanat Naib Canselor bertemakan ‘Memperkasa Keunikan Jenama UNIMAS’. Antara lain intipati amanat, menyingkap kejayaan universiti ini pada tahun lepas.

Amanat yang disampaikan kira-kira dua jam itu telah dihadiri oleh lebih 2,000 kakitangan universiti yang terdiri di kalangan staf akademik dan bukan akademik.

Antara kejayaan yang telah dicapai oleh UNIMAS pada tahun lepas termasuk penganugerahan status Universiti Autonomi oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, penganugerahan SETARA Tier 5 Cemerlang oleh Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia (MQA), penempatan Fakulti Perubatan dan Sains Kesihatan (FPSK) dan Institut Kesihatan dan Perubatan Komuniti (IKPK) di kampus Samarahan, kelulusan semakan kurikulum 24 program Prasiswazah dari Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi dan lain-lain.

Video : Ucapan Amanat Naib Canselor

Artikel : Sarena Haidir || Foto : Azlandy M.A.T

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