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Done with Your Overtime? Psssttt... A Faster Way to Get Your Money Back

The previous manual system required employees to calculate overtime work hours, to make sure that the overtime rate was entered in the correct place, convert the work hours and overtime rates into overtime pay, and to reconcile and sort large stacks of overtime forms each month. No doubt with all the various steps required, human errors were evident.

With a short development period; the chances for errors within the system were high. The Business Process for eOT kept changing and right until the last stages of development before testing; this process was still being worked on. The testing period was no less easy. Different departments had different levels of authorisation for over-time and changes had to be made to cope with dynamic variables.

In spite of the difficulties, eOT was rolled out and the benefits clearly countered the earlier challenges of developing it. eOT helped reduce the manual work and eliminate the possibilities of human errors.

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Email for UNIMAS Staff (Official Email in UNIMAS)


Leave Application for UNIMAS Staff (Apply Leave, Check Leave Balance, Leave History, Leave Carry Forward)

Staff Directory

Directory of UNIMAS Staff (Search by Staff Name or Faculty/Department)


Support Application for IT, Academic Matters, Building Maintenance & College Matters

Disposal Enquiry

Application for disposal of UNIMAS assets (ICT/Non ICT)

Personal Matters

Matters related to staff Profiles, Expertise, Medical Benefits, Declaration of Assets, Performance Evaluation, Training, Overtime, Attendance & Staff Leave Records

Money Matters

Matters related to staffs' Bank Account, EPF, Income Tax, Socso, Payslip, Staff Payment, Loan, Misc Advance, Travelling Claim/Advance, etc.

Banner/EBB Permit Application

Application for permit to setup Banner or post in Electronic Bill Board UNIMAS

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Housekeeping and maintenance of official documents in Deparment and references to UNIMAS General Order

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Reservation for Guest Houses, Rooms (Halls/Banquet), Sport Facilities & Vehicles (Buses, Lorries, Cars)


Application for Smartcard Door Access & Replacement of Smartcard

Staff Welfare / Homeland Passage

Application for Welfare Fund & Homeland Passage

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Request for Software CD for official use

Office Furniture

Request Furnitures for office use


Panel Clinic Management

Management of UNIMAS Panel Clinic Medical Records - Only accessible for UNIMAS Panel Clinics

Clinic Medical Management

Management of UNIMAS Clinic Medical Records - Only accessible to UNIMAS Clinic

UNIMAS Financial & Accounting System (MyFAS)

Matters related to PTJ's Budgeting, Account Payable, Account Receivable, Purchasing, Fixed Assets and Store Management - Only accessible to PTJ's Administration

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Matters related to staffs' Profiles, Payrolls, Benefits, Taxes, Assets, Trainings, Performance Evaluations, Promotions and Vacancies - Only accessible to Human Resources Department


College Application

For students to apply for college residential

Student Registration and Admission

New student to check admission status and register for studies

Student Application

One-stop-center for student to manage their personal details, view their marks, college application status, and etc

Semester Registration

For current students to register their semester before they can proceed with course registration

Course Registration

For current students to register courses for each semester

Progress Report for Postgraduate

This system is to allow a student to submit his/her progress report to his/her respective supervisor or panel of supervisors


For graduate to register as alumni of UNIMAS


College Management

For authorized college admin in managing college application approval, setting blocks, rooms and room rate, managing check in and check out of the residents

Course Offering

For authorized faculty administrative managing course info and generate report related to course offering

Online Application (Undergraduate)

For authorized admin to manage undergraduate student application of studies

Online Application (Postgraduate)

For authorized admin to manage postgraduate student application of studies


For authorized admin to manage students’ sponsorship


Curriculum Information

iMark is a system where the lecturers key in students mark for every semester

Marking system

iMark is a system where the lecturers key in students mark for every semester

Academic Advisor

A monitoring system of students’ academic performance by academic advisor

Institutional Repository

Upload academic publication in open access repository indexed by Google Scholar

Internal Grant Application

Manage and apply research grant by UNIMAS Innovation

Publication Management

Manage and add or import publication metadata record from UNIMAS IR and SCOPUS for use in expert, eCV, epangkat, eprestasi

IP Protection Application

Manage and apply intelectual property protection (copyright, patent, trademark)

Research Management

Manage and update research record

Research Progress Report

Submit research progress report for internal and KPM's research grant

Conference Management

Find out currently active conference and register to participate. Faculty can manage or organize conference. Request conference authorization for national and international conference

Digital Sarawak CoE

Apply for Digital Sarawak CoE's research grant funding from Sarawak Government

Open Journal System (UNIMAS Publisher)

Submit your paper to any of the relevant journal for serial journal publishing