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Done with Your Overtime? Psssttt... A Faster Way to Get Your Money Back

The previous manual system required employees to calculate overtime work hours, to make sure that the overtime rate was entered in the correct place, convert the work hours and overtime rates into overtime pay, and to reconcile and sort large stacks of overtime forms each month. No doubt with all the various steps required, human errors were evident.

With a short development period; the chances for errors within the system were high. The Business Process for eOT kept changing and right until the last stages of development before testing; this process was still being worked on. The testing period was no less easy. Different departments had different levels of authorisation for over-time and changes had to be made to cope with dynamic variables.

In spite of the difficulties, eOT was rolled out and the benefits clearly countered the earlier challenges of developing it. eOT helped reduce the manual work and eliminate the possibilities of human errors.


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