Conference Schedule

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18 October 2017 (Wednesday)
Conference Opening Ceremony
Colosseum 1, Level 2

7.30am – 8.30am

Registration of Participants

8.30am – 12.00pm

Official Opening Ceremony of UNIMAS SILVER JUBILEE CONFERENCE 2017 (USJC 2017)

18 October 2017 (Wednesday)
Conference Keynote (Morning Session)
Colosseum 1, Level 1

12.00pm – 1.00pm

Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neilson Ilan Mersat



Prof. Dato’ Dr. Morshidi Sirat (USM, Pulau Pinang)

1.00pm – 2.00pm Lunch & Break

18 October 2017 (Wednesday)
Conference Keynote (Afternoon Session)
Colosseum 1, Level 1

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Johari Abdullah



Prof. Datuk Dr. Khairuddin Ab Hamid (UniMY, Putrajaya)

3.00pm – 3.30pm Coffee Break

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Tonga Noweg



Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Abdul Latiff Mohamad (UKM, Selangor)

4.30pm End of Day 1 Conference

19 October 2017 (Thursday)
Conference (Morning Session)

8.30am – 10.00am
Breakout and Concurrent
Session 1

Eiffel 1 (BEC)

Eiffel 2 (BEC)

Olympia 1 (ICCT)

Taj Mahal (ICCT)

Giza (SCT)

Machu Pichu (SCT)


Prof Dr Kasing Apun


Assoc Prof Dr Siti Noor Linda Taib


Assoc Prof Dr Dr Saiful Bahari Mohd Yusoff


Dr Dayang Nur Fatimah Awang Iskandar


Assoc Prof Dr Asri Said

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr Venus Lim Khim Sen

8.30am - 8.45am

Oral 1 BEC

In vitro Propagation of Selected Malaysia Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) Varieties by Using Nodal Explants.

Huzaimah Mahdi (UNIMAS)

Oral 7 BEC

Integrating Infiltration Facility to Urban Road Drainage

Darrien Mah Yau Seng (UNIMAS)

Oral 1 ICCT

Evaluating South Korean Based Mobile Role Playing Games With Playability Heuristic Evaluation.

Louis Uggah (UNIMAS)

Oral 7 ICCT

Capturing Service Versioning in Provenance Trace to Support Reproducibility.

Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim (UNIMAS)

Oral 1 SCT

Risk Factors of Preterm Delivery Among Mothers with Preterm Contraction in Sarawak.

Soe Lwin (UNIMAS)

Oral 7 SCT

Adaptation to the Climate Change By Real-Estate Sector: A Case Study in Developing Country.

Mehedi Islam (UNIMAS)

8.45am – 9.00am

Oral 2 BEC

Selective Differential Expression of the Ribosomal Protein Genes El14 And Us19 in a Well-Differentiated Epithelial Cell Line of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.

Cassandra Sheau-Mei Chee (UNIMAS)

Oral 8 BEC

Thermo Properties of Furfuryl Alcohol/Glycidyl Methacrylate/Halloysite Nanoclay Wood Polymer Nanocomposites (WPNCS).

Md Rezaur Rahman (UNIMAS)

Oral 2 ICCT

Organizing Visual Information of Traditional Ornaments Adorned by Embhan’s Ring Ladies.

Doris Maying (UNIMAS)

Oral 8 ICCT

Transforming Semi-structured Indigenous Dictionary into Machine-readable Dictionary.

Bali Ranaivo-Malançon (UNIMAS)

Oral 2 SCT

Workplace Bullying and its Association with Depression and Self-Esteem amongst Health Care Workers.

Peter Chang Chung Meng (UNIMAS)

Oral 8 SCT

Rural Women Entrepreneurs Enrollment into Sustainable Supply Chain Networks: from Actor Network.

Sidikat Shitu (UNIMAS)

9.00am – 9.15am

Oral 3 BEC

Submicroscopic Plasmodium knowlesi and Plasmodium vivax Human Infections in the Betong Division of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.

Angela Siner (UNIMAS)

Oral 9 BEC

Lightning Protection of Aircraft, Power Systems and Houses containing IT Network Electronics.

Mohd Ridhuan Mohd Sharip (UNIMAS)

Oral 3 ICCT

Can Animated Narrative Content Affect the Consumer’s Motivation and Intention to Purchase a Product?

Yousef Alallan (UNIMAS)

Oral 9 ICCT

Applying Bipartite Network Approach to Scarce Data: Validation of the Habitat Suitability Model of a Marine Mammal Species.

Liew Chin Ying (UNIMAS)

Oral 3 SCT

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and its Differences Between Genders in a Public University.

Myat Su Bo (UNIMAS)

Oral 9 SCT

Determinants Affecting Relationship Banking In Malaysian Commercial Banks.

Yuen Yee Yen (MMU)

9.15am - 9.30am

Oral 4 BEC

Field Performance of Selected Malaysian Cocoa Clones Regenerated through Somatic Embryogenesis Cultures.

Gibson Entuni (UNIMAS)

Oral 10 BEC

Development of Automatic Solar Tracking System for Small Solar Energy System.

Mohammad Shafiq (UNIMAS)

Oral 4 ICCT

A New Harmony Search Algorithm with Evolving Spiking Neural Network for Classification Problems.

Abdulrazak Yahya Saleh (UNIMAS)

Oral 10 ICCT

Pitfall of Google Tri-grams Word Similarity Measure

Linda Wong (UNIMAS)

Oral 4 SCT

A Prospective Study on the Epidemiology of Acute Severe-Community Acquired Viral Lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Children Aged 5 Years and Below In Sarawak.

May Yin Chai (UNIMAS)

Oral 10 SCT

The Impacts of Tourism Development on Poverty Alleviation in Sarawak.

Komathi Wasudhawan (UNIMAS)

9.30am – 9.45am

Oral 5 BEC

Antibiotics Susceptibility of Burkholderia Species of Sarawak Origin.

Lua Viana Pangau (UNIMAS)

Oral 11 BEC

Augmenting Drainage System in the Old Town of Kuching.

Darrien Mah Yau Seng (UNIMAS)

Oral 5 ICCT

Cultural Design of Rinagang in Women Traditional Costume of Dusun Tindal.

Salbiah Binti Kindoyop (UNIMAS)

Oral 11 ICCT

PAL: Personal Assistant System using Low-Cost Computer.

Melanie Louisa Khong Fui Yee (UNIMAS)

Oral 5 SCT

Maternal and Foetal Outcomes in Trial of Labour With a Previous Lower Segment Caesarean Section Scar at Sarawak General Hospital, 2010.

Yee Yee Kyaing (UNIMAS)

Oral 11 SCT

Board Diversity and Financial Sustainability in Charities: A Malaysian Perspective.

Sharon Cheuk (UNIMAS)

9.45am – 10.00am

Oral 6 BEC

Molecular Characterisation of Rice Tungro Bacilliform Virus Isolated from Bario, Sarawak.

Magdline Sia Henry Sum (UNIMAS)

Oral 12 BEC

A Review of a Single Neuron Weight Optimization Model for Adaptive Beam Forming.

Lorothy Singkang (UNIMAS)

Oral 6 ICCT

Tikar Bergerang: The Reflection of Culture and Heritage of the Saribas Malay, Sarawak

Faridah Sahari (UNIMAS)

Oral 12 ICCT

Analysis of Nine Instance-Based Genetic Algorithm Classifiers using Small Datasets

Mohammad Hossin (UNIMAS)

Oral 6 SCT

Calorie Intake and Factors Associated with Food Consumption

Mar Mar Lwin (UNIMAS)

Oral 12 SCT

Accessibility and Development. A Case Study from Rural Sarawak, Malaysia

Regina Garai Abdullah (UNIMAS)

10.00am – 10.30am

Coffee break

10.30am – 1.00pm
Breakout and Concurrent
Session 2

Eiffel 1 (BEC)

Eiffel 2 (BEC)

Olympia 1 (ICCT)

Taj Mahal (ICCT)

Giza (SCT)

Machu Pichu (SCT)


Prof Dr David Perera


Prof Dr Andrew Ragai Henry Rigit

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr Wan Jamarul Wan Abdullah Thani

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr Jane Labadin

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr Cheah Whye Lian

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr Ahmad Nizar Yaakub

10.30am – 10.45am

Oral 13 BEC

Biofilm Forming Ability of Intermediate and Saprophytic Leptospira on Abiotic and Biotic Surfaces.

Kasing Apun (UNIMAS)

Oral 23 BEC

Bandwidth Enhancement Technique with Low Group Delay Variation CMOS Power Amplifier for UWB System.

Rohana Sapawi (UNIMAS)

Oral 13 ICCT

Cultural Design of Sinuranga in Men Traditional Costume of Dusun Tindal.

Salbiah Binti Kindoyop (UNIMAS)

Oral 23 ICCT

Energy Efficient Resource Allocation and Utilization in Future Heterogeneous Cellular Network.

Adnan Shahid Khan (UNIMAS)

Oral 13 SCT

The Reactivity of Recombinant Chikungunya Virus E2 Protein under Reduced and Non-reduced Conditions.

Anna Andrew (UNIMAS)

Oral 23 SCT

Indigenous Knowledge among Iban Kua' in Samarahan District, Sarawak: Some Observations.

Elvin Jawol (UNIMAS)

10.45am – 11.00am

Oral 14 BEC

Camera Trapping Wildlife on Mount Penrissen Area in Western Sarawak.

Sally Soo Kaicheen (UNIMAS)

Oral 24 BEC

Estimating Non-Conformance Using the Modified Tolerance Region Method and the Target Distance Method.

Shirley Johnathan Tanjong (UNIMAS)

Oral 14 ICCT

“I’m Not Married, Let’s Just All Look at Me”: Single Professional Malay Women’s Experience.

Jamayah Saili (UNIMAS)

Oral 24 ICCT

Mobile Application for Improving Speech and Text Data Collection Approach

Sarah Samson Juan (UNIMAS)

Oral 14 SCT

Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of the Potential Medicinal Plants of the Melanau in Pulau Bruit, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Siti Zaleha Raduan (UNIMAS)

Oral 24 SCT

The Impact of Natural Resources, Cultural Heritage, and Special Events on Tourism Destination Competitiveness: The Moderating Role of Community Support.

Chin Chee Hua (UNIMAS)

11.00am – 11.15am

Oral 15 BEC

Vegetative Propagation of Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.): Comparison of a Liquid Hormone Preparation against a Commercial Rooting Hormone Powder.

Rebicca Edward (UNIMAS)

Oral 25 BEC

Application of Freundlich and Temkin Isotherm to Study the Removal of Pb(II) Via Adsorption on Activated Carbon Equipped Polysulfone Membrane.

Ramizah Liyana Jamain (UNIMAS)

Oral 15 ICCT

Stylistic Analysis of Election Banners of Ruling and Opposition Parties in 2016 Sarawak State Election.

Awang Ideris Bin Awang Daud (UNIMAS)

Oral 25 ICCT

Real-Life Faculty Examination Timetabling to Utilise Room Used.

Phang Min Hui (UNIMAS)

Oral 15 SCT

Prevalence and Antibiotic Sensitivity Profiles of Staphylococcus aureus Nasal Carriage among Preclinical and Clinical Medical Students in a Malaysian University

Isabel Lim Fong (UNIMAS)

Oral 25 SCT

Business Engagement In Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries: A Case Study Based on Behavioral Perspective.

Mehedi Islam (UNIMAS)

11.15am -11.30am

Oral 16 BEC

Preliminary Analysis on the Hunting Activities in Selected Areas in Interior Sarawak.

Melynda Cheok Ka Yi (UNIMAS)

Oral 26 BEC

Sensitization of TiO2 Thin Film with Different Dye for Solar Cell Application.

Siti Kudnie Sahari (UNIMAS)

Oral 16 ICCT

Workplace Factors and Work-Life Balance Among Employees in Selected Services Sector.

Wong Pui Yee (UNIMAS)

Oral 26 ICCT

Preventing DoS Attacks in IoT using AES.

Adnan Shahid Khan (UNIMAS)

Oral 16 SCT

The Relationship Between Social Supports and Work Family Enrichment in Public Sector: Mediating Role of Opportunities of Professional Development

Surena Sabil (UNIMAS)

Oral 26 SCT

Gaming Performance Measures: Institutional and Individual.

Samuel Hoole (UNIMAS)

11.30am – 11.45am

Oral 17 BEC

Phylogenetic Relationships of the Sarawak Microhyla (Amphibian: Anura: Microhylidae).

Nooraina Atira Alaudin (UNIMAS)

Oral 27 BEC

Development of a Virtual Reality Platform as a Training Tool Using Gaming Software.

Ting Sing Hong (UNIMAS)

Oral 17 ICCT

Forecasting Consumers’ Satisfaction of Furniture Design through Semantic Differential Method.

Musdi Shanat (UNIMAS)

Oral 27 ICCT

Comparative Studies of Ontologies on Sarawak Gazette.

Fatihah Ramli (UNIMAS)

Oral 17 SCT

Early Cardiovascular Mri Predicts Left Ventricular Remodelling in Patients with Successful Reperfusion.

Norhanim Mohd Amin (UNIMAS)

Oral 27 SCT

Community Perceptions on the Usage of Digital Marketing for Homestays: The Case of Ba’kelalan, Malaysia.

Sharon Cheuk (UNIMAS)

11.45am – 12.00pm

Oral 18 BEC

The Density of Invasive Urban Birds in Selected Areas of Western Sarawak.

Frances Hii (UNIMAS)

Oral 28 BEC

Characteristics Analysis of Bio-Based Silica Extracted from Sarawak Palm Oil Waste.

Siti Aishah Zulkafly (UNIMAS)

Oral 18 ICCT

The Iban Traditional Religion: Miring

Bibiana Motey Senang (UNIMAS)

Oral 28 ICCT

A Sentence Similarity Measure Based on Conceptual Elements.

Wendy Tan Wei Syn (UNIMAS)

Oral 18 SCT

Genomic Divergence Between Two Sympatric Plasmodium knowlesi Subpopulations

Paul Cliff Simon Divis (UNIMAS)

Oral 28 SCT

Women's Perception of Career Barriers According to Life Stages: A Case of The Malaysian Banking Industry.

Pah Yen Fang (UNIMAS)

12.00pm – 12.15pm

Oral 19 BEC

Management of Water Supply Dam in the Tropics – A Case Study of Asyikirin Dam in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Lau Seng (UNIMAS)

Oral 29 BEC

The Effect of Silane Treatment on Rice Husk/ Phenol Formaldehyde Particle Board Mechanical Properties.

Marini Sawawi (UNIMAS)

Oral 19 ICCT

“Ngajat” The Iban Traditional Dance

Anna Durin (UNIMAS)

Oral 29 ICCT

Techniques and Sequence of Sketching in the Conceptual Phase of Automotive Design.

Saiful Bahari Mohd Yusoff (UNIMAS)

Oral 19 SCT

Molecular Epidemiology of Dengue Viruses Circulating in Kuching from 2014 to 2016.

Kee Kai Bong (UNIMAS)

Oral 29 SCT

Understanding Pedagogical Approaches of UNIMAS MOOCS in Encouraging Globalised Learning Community.

Tasnim Mohd Taib (UNIMAS)

12.15pm – 12.30pm

Oral 20 BEC

Bird Diversity, Density and Foraging Activities in Fragmented Forests and Oil Palm Plantation in Bintulu, Sarawak.

Audrey Voon (UNIMAS)

Oral 30 BEC

The Effectiveness of a Fabricated Bio-Filtration System in Treating the Domestic Greywater


Winnie Renang (UNIMAS)

Oral 20 ICCT

Negotiating Modernity and The New Nationhood in Iban Popular Song Lyrics in 1960s-1970s.

Connie Lim Keh Nie (UNIMAS)

Oral 30 ICCT

Game Usability Heuristics Evaluation Approach for Speech Therapy Mobile Application Games.

Tommy Carolyne Alphonsus (UNIMAS)

Oral 20 SCT

Development of Duplex Real Time Rt-Pcr for Differentiation of Genogroup B and C Enterovirus A71.

Nurul Huda Bt Abdul Malek (UNIMAS)

Oral 30 SCT

Buttoned the Unbuttoned: Brief Insights from People Living with HIV/AIDS and Their Caregivers.

Zamri Hassan (UNIMAS)

12.30pm – 12.45pm

Oral 21 BEC

The Distribution and Average Size of Granular Gland in Poisonous Rock Frog, Odorrana hosii.

Nur Amirah Md Sungif (UNIMAS)

Oral 31 BEC

Assessment of Cutting Profile of AISI 1095 by using Infrared Radiation Approach.

Mohammad Ashaari Kiprawi (UNIMAS)

Oral 21 ICCT

The Relationship between Role Conflict and Burnout Among Secondary School Counselors in Sarawak.

Chua Sim Huat(UNIMAS)

Oral 31 ICCT

Interactive English Phonics Learning for Kindergarten Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) Word using Augmented Reality.

Jonathan Sidi (UNIMAS)

Oral 21 SCT

Descriptive Study on Demographic Factors and Performance Strategies among Athletes.

Nor Mazlina Ghazali (UNIMAS)

Oral 31 SCT

The Role of Knowledge Management on Organisational Effectiveness: Organisational Culture as the Moderator.

Lim Mei Chee (UNIMAS)

12.45pm – 1.00pm

Oral 22 BEC

Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) and Antibiotic Resistance of Bacillus cereus Associated With Sago Processing in Sarawak.

Jasmin Jaraee (UNIMAS)

Oral 32 BEC

Design and Implementation of a Voltage Tracking with Artificial Neural Network Controller for a Double-input Buck-Boost Converter.

Yonis M. Buswig (UNIMAS)

 Oral 22 ICCT

Komunikasi Lelucon Tok Nan: Denotasi Dan Konotasi Semantik Yang Signifikan

Fatimah Subet (UNIMAS)

Oral 32 ICCT

Design of a Transcription Tool for the Kelabit Community of Bario, Sarawak.

Emmy Dahliana Hossain (UNIMAS)

Oral 22 SCT

Improved Enspart for DNA Motif Prediction.

Allen Chieng Hoon Choong (UNIMAS)

Oral 32 SCT

Bottom up Approach in Developing Relief Protocol: Case From Rajang

Elena Gregoria Chai (UNIMAS)

1.00pm – 2.00pm

Lunch & Break

19 October 2017 (Thursday)
Conference (Afternoon Session)

2.00pm – 4.30pm
Breakout and Concurrent
Session 3

Eiffel 1 (BEC)

Eiffel 2 (BEC)

Olympia 1 (ICCT)

Taj Mahal (ICCT)

Giza (SCT)

Machu Pichu (SCT)

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Azlan Jayasilan

Chairperson: Prof Dr Mohamad Omar Abdullah

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr Shahren Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce


Prof Dr Chen Chwen Jen


Dr Philip Nuli Anding

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr Rossazana Ab Rahim

2.00pm – 2.15pm

Oral 33 BEC

Screening and Characterization of Two Strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Aquaculture and Water Environment.

Seng Chiew Toh (UNIMAS)

Oral 43 BEC

Behaviour of Power System Equilibrium Points in Dynamic Available Transfer Capability Calculation.

Mohamed Shaaban (UNIMAS)

Oral 33 ICCT

The Iban Folk Belief.

Noria Tugang (UNIMAS)

Oral 43 ICCT

The Demographic Profile and Sustainability of The Bidayuh Ethnic of Sarawak.

Lam Chee Kheung (UNIMAS)

Oral 33 SCT

Diagnostic and Classification System for Kids with Learning Disabilities.

Rehman Ullah Khan (UNIMAS)

Oral 43 SCT

The Moderating Impact of Community Support on Tri-Dimensional Impacts of Tourism (Economic, Socio-Cultural, & Environmental) Towards Rural Tourism Competitive Advantage.

Jason Lim (UNIMAS)

2.15pm – 2.30pm

Oral 34 BEC

Faunistic Composition and Ecological Distribution of Swallowtail Butterflies (Papilionidae: Lepidoptera) in Western Sarawak

Nur Azizuhamizah Idris (UNIMAS)

Oral 44 BEC

Diagnostic Consideration in Cases of Pulmonary Embolism Mimicking Acute Coronary Syndrome: Is Electrocardiography a Friend or a Foe?

Chew Keng Sheng (UNIMAS)

Oral 34 ICCT

Destination Image of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia

Salmiah Abdul Hamid (UNIMAS)

Oral 44 ICCT

EEoP: A Lightweight Security Scheme over PKI in D2D Cellular Networks

Adnan Shahid Khan (UNIMAS)

Oral 34 SCT

Influence of Media on University Students' Efficacy in Participating in Political Conversations.

Ting Su-Hie (UNIMAS)

Oral 44 SCT

Developing 3D Acoustic-based Virtual Environments for the Teaching of English Vocabulary to Visually-Impaired Learners

Chuah Kee-Man (UNIMAS)

2.30pm -2.45pm

Oral 35 BEC

Influences of Human Activities on Malay Civet’s (Viverra tangalunga) Occupancy in Sarawak.

Thaqifah Syaza Jailan (UNIMAS)

Oral 45 BEC

Evaluation of Microfine Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) as Cement Replacement Material for Mitigation of Chloride Attack.

Raudhah Ahmadi (UNIMAS)

Oral 35 ICCT

The Iban Textiles

Alexander Chelum (UNIMAS)

Oral 45 ICCT

Preliminary Production of Material Compound from Sago Waste

Saiful Bahari Mohd Yusoff (UNIMAS)

Oral 35 SCT

Natural Resource Management and Livelihood Strategies of the Iban of Nanga Talong, Ulu Engkari, Sarawak.

Eva Kristin Larry Sait (UNIMAS)

Oral 45 SCT

Research Possibilities in the Field of Human Resource Development In Small - Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries: A Review and Research Agenda.

Hana Hamidi (UNIMAS)

2.45pm – 3.00pm

Oral 36 BEC

Bats Roost Site Preferences in Wind Cave Nature Reserve, Bau, Sarawak.

Muhd Amsyari Morni (UNIMAS)

Oral 46 BEC

Intelligent Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System Based Arduino UNO M icrocontroller

Hikma Shabani (UNIMAS)

Oral 36 ICCT

Transformational Leadership and its Functionality in Arts Organization

Qistina Donna Lee Abdullah (UNIMAS)

Oral 46 ICCT

Optical Character Recognition for Brahmi Script using Geometric Method

Neha Gautam (UNIMAS)

Oral 36 SCT

Public-Private Partnership: Ghanaian Perspective of Urban Water Supply

Adam Andani Mohammed (UNIMAS)

Oral 46 SCT

Determinants of Innovation Performance Among SMEs: Moderating Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation

Shiaw Tong Ha (UNIMAS)

3.00pm - 3.15pm

Oral 37 BEC

Elevational Distribution Patterns of Understorey Forest Bird in Western Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.

Hanis Damia Elyna Lit (UNIMAS)

Oral 47 BEC

Resilient IEEE802.15.4 MAC Protocol for Multi-Hop Mesh Wireless Sensor Network.

Norhuzaimin Julai (UNIMAS)

Oral 37 ICCT

Vaccination: Identifying Influencers in the Vaccination Discussion on Twitter through Social Network Visualization.

Jamali Bujang Sanawi (UNIMAS)

Oral 47 ICCT

Alpha Waves as Indicator of Brain Quality among Athletes.

Norsiah Fauzan (UNIMAS)

Oral 37 SCT

Emotional Intelligence Level of Year One and Two Medical Students of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak: Association with Demographic Data

Khin Than Yee (UNIMAS)

Oral 47 SCT

Socio-Demographic Factors as a Determinant of Household Poverty in Niger State, Nigeria.

Mukaila A. Ijaiya (UNIMAS)

3.15pm – 3.30pm

Oral 38 BEC

Prevalence of Microalbuminuria among Community People in Samarahan District, Sarawak.

Than Than Aye (UNIMAS)

Oral 48 BEC

Effect of Spraying Parameters on the Morphology of Spray-Coated Active Layers for Organic Solar Cells.

Khairunisa Kamarudin (UNIMAS)

Oral 38 ICCT

Trust on Knowledge-Sharing Behaviour Among Academicians in Public Universities: A Review

Arenawati Sehat Omar (UNIMAS)

Oral 48 ICCT

A Novel Integrated Evolving Spiking Neural Network using Deep Learning for Classification Problems

Abdulrazak Yahya Saleh (UNIMAS)

Oral 38 SCT

Satu Sorotan Literatur tentang Penglibatan Sosial Belia Berstatus Sosio-Ekonomi Rendah (A Literature Review on Social Participation of Low Socio-Economic Youth).

Dolly Paul Carlo (UNIMAS)

Oral 48 SCT

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Sarawak: Tourists’ Perceptions Towards its Rural Destination Competitiveness.

Chong Kim Mee (UNIMAS)

3.30pm – 3.45pm

Oral 39 BEC

Diversity and Functional Guild Of Understorey Birds in Different Types of Forest in Ulu Baram, Sarawak.

Attiqqah Fadziliah Sapian (UNIMAS)

Oral 49 BEC

Investigating the Meraka Hardwood Failure in Bolted Connections Parallel to the Timber Grain.

Pierre Quenneville (UNIMAS)

Oral 39 ICCT

Effective Classification using Artificial Bee Colony based Feature Selector.

Siti Hazemah Hassan (UNIMAS)

Oral 49 ICCT

Cochran’s Q with Pairwise McNemar for Dichotomous Multiple Responses Data: A Practical Approach.

Donald Stephen (UNIMAS)

Oral 39 SCT

Examining Knowledge Transfer using SECI Model as Lenses: A Study of Interaction among Local Malaysian Entrepreneurs and Indonesian Cross-Border Entrepreneurs in Cross-Border Serikin Weekend Market.

Ida Juliana Hutasuhut (UNIMAS)

Oral 49 SCT

Towards Sustainable Well-Being: From the Care-Seeker and the Care-Giver: Challenges to the Implementation of Community-Based Health Planning And Services.

Bougangue Bassoumah (UNIMAS)

3.45pm - 4.00pm

Oral 40 BEC

Isolation And Characterization of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Fungi Spores in Selected Plant Roots and Their Surrounding Soil Environment.

Seng Chiew Toh (UNIMAS)

Oral 50 BEC

Review on Lateral Stability of Piled Riverine Structures in the Estuaries of Sarawak.

Lin Jye Lee UNIMAS)

Oral 40 ICCT

A Comparative Study on Price and Distance between Paid and Free Entry Events in Sarawak

Donald Stephen (UNIMAS)

Oral 50 ICCT

An Etnographic Study of the Iban Social Status in Traditional Belief for Cultural Preservation.

Fujica Anggo (UNIMAS)

Oral 40 SCT

Dissecting Factors Causing Active Behaviours Associated with Continuity of Youth Participation in Agro-Preneurship: A Qualitative Study on Youth Farmers in Sarawak.

Mazia binti Mohamad Safai'ee (UiTM Kampus Kota Samarahan)

Oral 50 SCT

Exploratory Study in Modeling a Perormance Index from Heterogeneous Risk And Governance Structure That Promotes Going Concern Among Malaysian Firms.

Michael Tinggi (UNIMAS)

4.00pm – 4.15pm

Oral 41 BEC

The Advancement of Camera Trapping Technique in Understanding
Wildlife Ecology in Sarawak

Marius Maiwald (UNIMAS)

Oral 51 BEC

Strength Properties of Reinforced Peat using Fiber-Polyester and Shredded Rubber-Crumb as Reinforcement Materials.

Norazzlina M.Sa'Don (UNIMAS)

Oral 41 ICCT

Validation of Perceived Sustainable Community Safety Instrument using Polytomous Rasch Measurement Model

Shahren Ahmad Zaidi Adruce (UNIMAS)

Oral 51 ICCT

A Study on Materials of Gamelan Instruments – A Comparative Study of its Materials and Sounds

Hasnizam Abdul Wahid (UNIMAS)

Oral 41 SCT

What Issues Matter to Local Voters and Why?: Electoral Politics In Ranau, Sabah

Arnold Puyok (UNIMAS)

Oral 51 SCT

The Socio-Economic Impact of NGOs Development on Beneficiaries in Kyber Pakhtun Khwa Province (Kpk) of Pakistan.

Anwarul Mujahid Shah (UNIMAS)

4.15pm – 4.30pm

Oral 42 BEC

Genetic Variation of the Bornean Fanged Frog, Limnonectes kuhlii Complex in Western Borneo (Amphibia: Anura: Dicroglossidae)

Najmi Naim (UNIMAS)

Oral 52 BEC

The Impact of Soft Error on C-Element with Different Technology.

Norhuzaimin Julai (UNIMAS)

Oral 42 ICCT

The Role of Demographic Variables on Knowledge-Sharing Behaviour among Academicians

Arenawati Sehat Omar (UNIMAS)

Oral 52 ICCT

Tourist’s Perception Towards Tree Bark Handicrafts Products in Kuching Waterfront

Nur Izazi Binti Bustamam (UNIMAS)

Oral 42 SCT

Care-Giving Children Having Down Syndrome - Life Impacts and Psycho-Social Experiences of Mothers

Chan Kim Geok (UNIMAS)

Oral 52 SCT

Macroeconomic Instability Index and Malaysia Economic Performance

Venus Liew Khim-Sen (UNIMAS)

4.30pm – 5.00pm

Coffee break & End of Day 2 Conference

19.30pm – 22.30pm

Conference Dinner
(Cultural Dance Performance & Best Paper Awards)

20 October 2017 (Friday)
Conference (Morning Session)

8.30am – 10.00am
Breakout and Concurrent
Session 4

Eiffel 1 (BEC)

Eiffel 2 (BEC)

Olympia 1 (ICCT)

Taj Mahal (ICCT)

Giza (SCT)

Machu Pichu (SCT)


Assoc Prof Dr Edmund Sim Ui Hang


Prof Dr Amir Azam Khan


Assoc Prof Dr Hasnizam Abdul Wahid


Prof Dr Wang Yin Chai


Assoc Prof Dr Samirah Abdullah @ Sim Sai Peng


Assoc Prof Dr Evan Lau Poh Hock

8.30am – 8.45am

Oral 53 BEC

Removal of Congo Red Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Branches of Ficus religiosa.

Syed Salman Shafqat (Pakistan)

Oral 59 BEC

Computational Studies of Confined Submerge Fan to Circulate and Oxygenate Hypolimnetic Layer in Hydro Power Reservoirs.

Muhammad Umar Mushtaq (UNIMAS)

Oral 53 ICCT

Measuring Teachers’ Readiness to Use Technology: Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) Pilot Study.

Jecky Misieng (UNIMAS)

Oral 59 ICCT

ParkBuddy – Find My Car Android Mobile Application.

Flora Stephanie

Francis (UNIMAS)

Oral 53 SCT

Leisure Education Programme to Promote Valuable Use of Leisure Time Among Rural Iban Adolescents in Sibu, Sarawak.

Rosalia Saimon (UNIMAS)

Oral 59 SCT

Melanau Women Engagement in Income Generating Activity of Sago Pearls-Based Food Products: Level of Participation and Motivation Factors.

Malia Taibi (UNIMAS)

8.45am – 9.00am

Oral 54 BEC

Morphological and Otsu Thresholding Based Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation for Detection of Retinopathy.

Kuryati Kipli (UNIMAS)

Oral 60 BEC

Polygonal Dipole Placements for Efficient, Rotatable, Single Beam Smart Antennas in 5G Aerospace and Ground Wireless Systems.

Kandasamy Pirapaharan (Papua New Guinea)

Oral 54 ICCT

Awareness and Risk Perception Towards Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Among Adolescents in Kuching and Kota Samarahan, Sarawak.

Khadijah Mohamad Tuah (UNIMAS)

Oral 60 ICCT

The Adoption of Agile Software Methodology with Team Software Process (TSPi) Practices in the Software Engineering Undergraduate Course.

Nurfauza Jali (UNIMAS)

Oral 54 SCT

A Dynamic SEIPR Model for the Spread of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease In Sarawak.

Sze Jan Chan (UNIMAS)

Oral 60 SCT

Transformational Leadership, Motivation, and Organizational Commitment Towards Corporate Social Responsibility in Banking Service Industry, Sarawak.

Winnie Wong Ming Poh (UCTS)

9.00am – 9.15am

Oral 55 BEC

Cryptosporidium, Ascaris and Hookworm Contamination of Vegetables In Different Farming Practices.

Ahmad Syatir Tahar (UNIMAS)

Oral 61 BEC

High Speed and Throughput Evaluation of SHA-1 HASH Function Design With Pipelining and Unfolding Transformation Techniques.

Shamsiah Binti Suhaili (UNIMAS)

Oral 55 ICCT

The Iban Visual Culture: Miring Ritual

Noria Tugang (UNIMAS)


Oral 61 ICCT

Vehicle Classification and Counting for Vehicle Census

Dellas Su Chieng Chan (UNIMAS)

Oral 55 SCT

Full Genome Characterzation of Ev-A71 Isolates from the 2006 Sarawak Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease Outbreak

Dayana Bt Saiful Ikhwan (UNIMAS)

Oral 61 SCT

Determinants of Knowledge Transfer in the Multinational Corporations.

Yuen Yee Yen (MMU)

9.15am – 9.30am

Oral 56 BEC

Production of Pigments by Rhodotorula mucilaginosa.

Cirilo Nolasco Hipolito (UNIMAS)

Oral 62 BEC

Digital Circumferential Finger Measuring Device for Finger Clubbing Identification.

Sharifah Masniah Wan Masra (UNIMAS)

Oral 56 ICCT

What Students Really Need: Instructional Strategies That Enhance Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Among UNIMAS Undergraduates.

Collin Jerome (UNIMAS)

Oral 62 ICCT

Selecting Requirement Elicitation Methods for Designing ICT Application in Minority Community.

Rosita Mohamed Othman (UNIMAS)

Oral 56 SCT

Validation of Endogenous Reference Genes for Relative Quantitation Studies of Gene Expression in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.

Ashley Edward Roy Soosay (UNIMAS)

Oral 62 SCT

Modeling Malaysia Debt Threshold: Debt Composition Perspective.

Jerome Kueh (UNIMAS)

9.30am – 9.45am

Oral 57 BEC

A Survey of Understory Birds at a Rice Field and a Mixed Dipterocarp Forest in Kuching, Sarawak.

Nurqamareena Karim (UNIMAS)

Oral 63 BEC

A Review of Sarawak Off-Grid Renewable Energy Potential and Challenges.

Tan Kheng Wee (UNIMAS)

Oral 57 ICCT

At Odds: Perceived Stigma of Single Professional Malay Women.

Jamayah Saili (UNIMAS)

Oral 63 ICCT

A Comparative Study of Features Extracted in The Classification of Human Skin Burn Depth.

Pei Nei Kuan (UNIMAS)

Oral 57 SCT

Illuminating Professionalism Among Nurses in Their Documentation Within The Malaysia Context - A Qualitative Study.

Rekaya Vincent Balang (UNIMAS)

Oral 63 SCT

Knowledge Management in MSC Malaysia: The Role of Information Technology Capability.

Abang Azlan Mohamad (UNIMAS)

9.45am - 10.00am

Oral 58 BEC

Effects of Land Use on Fish Assemblages in Inundated Area of Pleiran River and Danum River Sections of Murum Reservoir, Belaga, Sarawak.

Angie Sapis (UNIMAS)

Oral 64 BEC

Linear Smart Array Antenna Configurations for a Transceiver In a Multi-Signal Environment

Lwin Maw Abdul Rahim (UNIMAS)

Oral 58 ICCT

Preliminary Investigation of ESL Student Writing in Engineering

Radina Mohamad Deli (UNIMAS)

Oral 64 ICCT

The Impact of Applying Project Oriented Problems Based Learning (POPBL) for UNIMAS Final Year Project Students (FYP ) - Case Study

Abdulrazak Yahya Saleh (UNIMAS)

Oral 58 SCT

Challenges of Sustainable Livelihood among Small-scale Sago Farmers in Mukah District of Sarawak

Ahmad Nizar Yaakub (UNIMAS)

Oral 64 SCT

Constructing a Composite Leading Indicator for the Global Crude Oil Price

Chong Mei-Teing (UNIMAS)

10.00am – 10.30am

Coffee break

10.30am – 12.00pm
Breakout and Concurrent
Session 5

Eiffel 1 (BEC)

Eiffel 2 (BEC)

Olympia 1 (ICCT)

Taj Mahal (ICCT)

Giza (SCT)

Machu Pichu (SCT)

Chairperson: Dr Faisal Ali Anwarali Khan


Assoc Prof Dr Abdullah Yassin


Assoc Prof Dr Ramlah Zainuddin

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr June Ngo Siok Kheng


Prof Dr Siti Raudzah Ghazali

Chairperson: Assoc Prof Dr Tarmiji bin Masron

10.30am - 10.45am

Oral 65 BEC

The International Bornean Frogs Race: Its History and Significance

Sing-Tyan Pang (UNIMAS)

Oral 71 BEC

Identification of Spray Tower System using Artificial Neural Network.

Bashir Ahmed Danzomo (Nigeria)

Oral 77 BEC

Camera Trapping of Terrestrial Animals Visiting Salt Licks at Ulu Baram Sarawak

Nurul Asna Hidayah Mior Abdul Rahman (UNIMAS)

Oral 65 ICCT

Communication versus Geography: The case study of Sarawak Homestay Operator Association

Farid Ismeth Amir Syamsul Bahri (UNIMAS)

Oral 65 SCT

Kampung Bantang, Serian, Sarawak as a Tourism Area: Benefits and Challenges to the Villagers

Angelina Ansley (UNIMAS)

Oral 71 SCT

Rethinking and Moving Beyond Gdp: a New Measure of Sarawak Economic Panorama

Shirly Siew-Ling Wong (UNIMAS)

10.45am – 11.00am

Oral 66 BEC

Effects of Multiple Landuse on Macroinvertebrate Communities of Low Order Streams in Belaga District, Sarawak (Malaysia, Borneo)

Jongkar Grinang (UNIMAS)

Oral 72 BEC

A Rainfall Simulator Used for Testing of Hydrological Performances of Micro-Detention Pond Permeable Pavement.

Norazlina Bateni (UNIMAS)

Oral 78 BEC

New Vectors in Northern Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, for the Zoonotic Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium knowlesi

Joshua Ang Xin De (UNIMAS)

Oral 66 ICCT

Coconut Coir Experimental Process for Producing an Alternative Block Toy Compound

Saiful Bahari Mohd Yusoff (UNIMAS)

Oral 66 SCT

Proactive Behavior as a Mediator in the Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Career Success

Ling Nyuk Ping (UNIMAS)

Oral 72 SCT

The Relationship of Burnout Dimensions with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) among Bank Employees in Sarawak: Mediating Role of Flow Experience

Mark Edmund Kasa (UNIMAS)

11.00am – 11.15am

Oral 67 BEC

Overexpression of Recombinant Domain Iii Envelope Protein of Zika Virus.

Sylvia Empiang Andrew (UNIMAS)

Oral 73 BEC

Calcium Carbonate from Clam Shell as a Thermal Conductor in Particulate Filled Polymer Matrix Composites.

Mahshuri Yusof (UNIMAS)

Oral 79 BEC

Diet of Passerine Birds from Different Habitat Types in Sarawak, Borneo.

Sing-Tyan Pang (UNIMAS)

Oral 67 ICCT

Evolution of the Gamelan – Gamelan Sarawak

Sinin Hamdan (UNIMAS)

Oral 67 SCT

Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Higher Education: Rehabilitation Counseling Perspectives

Azzahrah Anuar (UNIMAS)

Oral 73 SCT

Trade Openness, FDI and Economic Growth: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa Countries

Eric Olabode Olabisi (UNIMAS)

11.15am -11.30am

Oral 68 BEC

Roost Behaviour and Site Mapping of Cave Dwelling Bats in Wind Cave Nature Reserve, Bau, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.

Qhairil Shyamri Bin Rosli (UNIMAS)

Oral 74 BEC

Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Scheme for Heterogeneous Network: BER Analysis.

Nurzati Iwani Othman (IIUM)

Oral 80 BEC

Development of PCR Assays for Identification of Plasmodium knowlesi Subpopulations and Assessment of Temporal Variation in Frequency of Subpopulations.

Ting Huey Hu (UNIMAS)

Oral 68 ICCT

Sustainability of Community Living Around Bakun: Downstream Communities

Haider Kowel Bete (UNIMAS)

Oral 68 SCT

Preliminary Analysis of Adoption of Sago Smallholders Satellite Estate Development (SSSED) Programme Among Sago Cultivators in Mukah/Dalat Areas of Sarawak, Malaysia

Hjh Siti Haslina

Hussin (UNIMAS)

Oral 74 SCT

Dependence of Local Communities on Forest Resources as Livelihood: Is It Still Relevant Today?

Wong Swee Kiong (UNIMAS)

11.30am – 11.45am

Oral 69 BEC

First Attempt at using Geometric Morphometric Analysis for Taxonomic Problems Associated with Female Freshwater Crabs

Jongkar Grinang (UNIMAS)

Oral 75 BEC

Economic Dispatch Strategy for Solar Hybrid System Using Lambda-Iteration Method.

Harmen Muda (UNIMAS)

Oral 81 BEC

Avifauna Diversity in Kuching City, Sarawak, Malaysia

Stephanie Judi (UNIMAS)

Oral 69 ICCT

Facebook and political cynicism: Undergraduates’ perception

Malia Taibi (UNIMAS)

Oral 69 SCT

In Pursuit of the Right to Education for Undocumented Children: Voices from the Margins

Linda A. Lumayag (UNIMAS)

Oral 75 SCT

Factors Affecting Socioeconomic and Social Status In The Rural Community With Mediating Effect Of Internet Adoption.

Nur Adila Latif (UNIMAS)

11.45am – 12.00pm

Oral 70 BEC

Maximising Production of Prebiotic Sugar (Cellobiose) from Sago Frond

Muhammad Norhelmi Ahmad (UNIMAS)

Oral 76 BEC

Observations on the Electrostatic Discharge Threats To Aircraft Body and to Aerospace Electronics

Hikma Shabani (UNIMAS)

Oral 82 BEC

Population Genetic Structure of the Cave Roosting Dusky Fruit Bat (Penthetor lucasi) from Sarawak, Malaysia.

Yuvarajan Manivannan (UNIMAS)

Oral 70 ICCT

Sustainable Community Index Instrument

Shahren Ahmad Zaidi Adruce (UNIMAS)

Oral 70 SCT

Determinance of Natural Resource Usage in Sarawak: GIS Approach In Mapping Different Application over Ethnicity and Spatial Extend

Mohd. Azizul Hafiz Jamian (UNIMAS)

Oral 76 SCT

The Impact of Accessibility Quality and Accommodation Quality on Tourists’ Satisfaction and Revisit Intention to Rural Tourism Destination in Sarawak: The Moderating Role of Local Communities’ Attitude.

Chee Hua Chin (UNIMAS)

12.00pm – 2.30pm

Lunch & Friday Prayer

20 October 2017 (Friday)
Conference (Afternoon Session)

2.30pm – 4.30pm
Breakout and Concurrent
Session 6

Eiffel 1 (BEC)

Eiffel 2 (BEC)

Olympia 1 (ICCT)

Taj Mahal (ICCT)

Giza (SCT)

Machu Pichu (SCT)


Prof Dr Md Abdul Mannan


Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Hasnain Md Hussain


Prof Dr Andrew Alek Tuen

Chairperson: Prof Dr Indraneil Das

Chairperson: Prof Dr. Ambigapathy A/L Pandian


Dr Wong Swee Kiong

2.30pm – 2.45pm

Oral 83 BEC

Modelling of Surface Permeation in Multiple-Orifice Permeable Road

Siew Ling Loh (UNIMAS)

Oral 89 BEC

Phytoremediation of Ammoniacal Nitrogen in Wastewater using Eichhornia crassipes: Tolerance Limit and pH Study.

Winnie Ting Huong Tien (UNIMAS)

Oral 95 BEC

Stomach Contents of Three Cyprinid Fish from Logged Forest Streams in Sarawak (Malaysia, Borneo).

Jongkar Grinang (UNIMAS)

Oral 101 BEC

Assessment of Wild Saltwater Crocodile Population in Bako River, Western Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo for Potential Ecotourism Industry

Ruhana Hassan (UNIMAS)

Oral 77 SCT

Knowledge States of Pupil Learning at a High Performance Rural Primary School

Philip Nuli Anding (UNIMAS)

Oral 83 SCT

Quality of Work Life among Academician in a Selected Public Institutions of Higher Learning in Sarawak.

Nur Fatihah Abdullah Bandar (UNIMAS)

2.45pm -3.00pm

Oral 84 BEC

Free space Attenuation Analysis for X -band and S-band Satellite Link using Meteorological Radar Data in the tropics

Khairayu Badron (IIUM)

Oral 90 BEC

Bis-thiourea Bearing Halogenated Aryl and Application on Antibacterial Activities

Wan Sharifatun Handayani Wan Zullkiplee (UNIMAS)

Oral 96 BEC

Characterisation and Biochemical Properties of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Aloe barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera)

Carolynna Buyau James (UNIMAS)

Oral 102 BEC

Population Genetics Analyses of Endangered Proboscis Monkey from Malaysian Borneo

Norfarhana Mazlan (UNIMAS)

Oral 78 SCT

Relationship between Aspects of Religion on the Work-Family Interface in Malaysia: A Longitudinal Study

Zaiton Hassan (UNIMAS)

Oral 84 SCT

Experience of Mothers Learning and Doing Infant Massage

Chan Kim Geok (UNIMAS)

3.00pm – 3.15pm

Oral 85 BEC

A Variable Sampling Interval Multivariate Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Chart Based on Median Time-To-Signal.

Siow Yin Nyau (Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak)

Oral 91 BEC

Preparation of Manganese Oxide-Activated Carbon Catalysts for the Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol: Effect of Calcination Temperature.

Melody Kimi (UNIMAS)

Oral 97 BEC

The Epidemiology of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in Sarawak, Borneo Island

Kuan Jew Win (UNIMAS)

Oral 103 BEC

Abundance and Activity Pattern Of Night Flying Insect in Kuching City and Three Rural Towns in Western Sarawak, Malaysia

Siti Sarah Saharuden (UNIMAS)

Oral 79 SCT

Industrial Convergence of selected RCEP Countries: Lead or Lags?

Mohd Mahbubur Rahman (UNIMAS)

Oral 85 SCT

Willingness To Pay (WTP) For National Social Health Insurance Scheme In Sarawak, Malaysia: A Contingent Valuation Study

Mohamad Norhaizam (UNIMAS)

3.15pm – 3.30pm

Oral 86 BEC

Corrosion Study of Galvanized Ultra High Strength Steel Reinforced Overhead Transmission Conductors.

Amir Azam Khan (UNIMAS)

Oral 92 BEC

Synthesis and Characterization of Alginate Encapsulated Zirconium-Based Ferromagnetic Sorbent for Adsorptive Removal of Dyes

Agnes Lee Yung Weng (UNIMAS)

Oral 98 BEC

Identification Keys for the Sarawak Pulchrana (Amphibia:Anura: Ranida) Based on Call Characters

Marly Matleen Augustine (UNIMAS)

Oral 104 BEC

Comparative Distribution of Small Mammals Diversity in Protected and Non Protected Area of Malaysia

Julius William Dee (UNIMAS)

Oral 80 SCT

Berisik' dan 'Bepetit': Kajian Bahasa Halus Masyarakat Melayu Sarawak

Hamidah Abdul Wahab (UNIMAS)

Oral 86 SCT

Congenital Amusia Among Young Adolescents in Kuching, Sarawak

Rachael Ang Kar Way (UNIMAS)

3.30pm – 3.45pm

Oral 87 BEC

Persistent Overload Control for Backlogged Machine-to-Machine Communications in Long Term Evolution Advanced Networks.

Rofida Osman Dirar (UNIMAS)

Oral 93 BEC

Improved Mechanical Properties of Silane Treated Jute/Polyethylene/Clay Nanocomposites.

Md. Faruk Hossen (UNIMAS)

Oral 99 BEC

A Preliminary Finding of Ectoparasites-Infesting Rodents and Treeshrews in a Residential Area, Oil Palm Plantation and Forest in Kuching Division, Sarawak

Sieu Zhien Teo (UNIMAS)

Oral 105 BEC

Histological Description of the Bornean Horned Frog Megophrys Nasuta (Amphibia: Anura: Megophryidae) Skin Structure from Different Body Regions.

Elvy Quatrin Deka (UNIMAS)

Oral 81 SCT

Taraf Kognat antara Bahasa Melayu Standard dan Dialek Melayu Kabong

Salbia Hassan (UNIMAS)

Oral 87 SCT

Development of Mindfulness Module for Promoting Healthy Lifestyle among Female Students in Higher Education Institutions.

Siti Norazilah Mohd Said (UNIMAS)

3.45pm – 4.00pm

Oral 88 BEC

Design and Simulation of a Zero Crossing VSC Based Phase Synchronous Inverter for Microgrid System

Tawfikur Rahman (UNIMAS)

Oral 94 BEC

Antioxidant Properties of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Local Medicinal Plant, Morinda citrifolia, Piper nigrum and Piper betle

Mohd Syahir Norazi (UNIMAS)

Oral 100 BEC

Microclimate and Physiological Effect on Species of Conservation Importance of Cave Dwelling Bats Roost Characteristic and Preferences in Sarawak.

Praveena Rajasegaran (UNIMAS)

Oral 106 BEC

Distribution and Occupancy of Hornbills in Western Sarawak.

Philovenny Pengiran (UNIMAS)

Oral 82 SCT

The Relationship between Workload and Students' Disruptive Behaviours with Turnover Intention Among Academicians of Private Higher Education Institutions: Boredom at Workplace as Mediator.

Michael Teng (UNIMAS)

Oral 107 BEC

Sustainable Community-based Marine Debris Framework: Kampung Pulo Salak Experience (Otal 8o).

Shahren Ahmad Zaidi Adruce


4.00pm – 4.30pm

Coffee break


End of Conference