The Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology was established in November 1993. Set in the backwoods, away from the major IT hubs, the first task of the day was to simply "get connected". The Faculty's landmark then was a projection of a little VSAT satellite antenna dish by the window of Prof. Zahran Halim's (the founding Dean) office in late 1993. That brought instant electronic globalisation right to the desktop, albeit to just a few test desks at first.

Today the little dish is long gone as the campus-wide fibre optic backbone is established with leased lines to the national network, JARING and the Internet. The first computer laboratories to be established in 1994 were equipped with 34 Digital PCs (partially sponsored by Digital Equipment (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd) and the laboratories of 13 Silicon Graphics workstations and Challenge server (partially sponsored by Sime Darby Sdn Bhd). Sponsorships from AST and Apple Computers Inc. followed suit. Research in IT was catalysed by a 5-year R&D fund from Sapura Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Three undergraduate programmes were offered by July 1994: Software Engineering, Computer Systems Technology, and Information Systems. The following 1995/96 session saw the introduction of our 4th programme, Computational Science.

The 1996/97 session also saw the start of a joint programme in Cognitive Science which is jointly offered by the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences & Human Development and the Faculty of Information Technology.

The design of our academic programmes are largely guided by the market needs and are based on the ACM/IEEE integrated curriculum.

The pioneering batch of 1994 consisted of 34 students. Postgraduate students were concomitantly enrolled, and by July 1995, the Faculty delivered UNIMAS first 3 graduates who qualified for their Masters in IT.