Strategic Focus 1

Excellence in
Education and Training

Strategic Focus 2

Excellence in
Innovation Ecosystem

Strategic Focus 3

Global Visibility
and Prominence

Strategic Focus 4

Financial Portfolio



Excellence in Education and Training

  • Consolidate the implementation of outcome-based education and high-impact educational practices
  • Widen learning opportunities to the general public
  • Intensify the adoption of technology-enhanced learning
  • Strengthen students' soft skills
  • Strengthen students' entrepreneurship skills
  • Provide continuous professional development (CPD) to improve academics' teaching competence
  • Support Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) activities
  • SF2

    Excellence in Innovation Ecosystem

  • Intensify efforts for high impact innovation potentials for university-industry engagement and knowledge transfer program
  • Strengthen the capacity to conduct high-impact priority research
  • Increase the number of principal investigators
  • Increase research publications in high impact, and indexed journals
  • Increase efforts to commercialize research products or services
  • Encourage cross-discipline research groups/clusters relevant to niche areas
  • Strengthen research facilities and encourage sharing of resources
  • SF3

    Global Visibility and Prominence

  • Enhance outreach of university branding
  • Intensify scope and breadth of marketing campaigns
  • Increase formalisation of collaborations between agencies locally and internationally
  • Intensify recruitment of graduate students
  • Intensify recruitment of international students
  • SF4

    Sustainable Financial Portfolio

  • Enhance commercial programmes, establishment of Business School and smart partnership
  • Increase industrial funded research project
  • Increase endowment and endowment waqaf programmes
  • Increase university operational efficiency
  • Leverage existing infrastructure to generate income for university
  • Strategic Focuses