9. Convocation Fees


9.1 Payment of convocation fees is detailed below.

Details Charges (RM)
Graduation Fee
Rental of Robe, Mortar Board or Beefeater (refer to Detail No. 5: Graduand’s Attire)
Total 160.00

9.2 Graduands attending the convocation ceremony MUST ensure the above payment has been made.

9.3 Graduands not attending the convocation ceremony are required to pay only the Graduation Fee amounting to RM100.00. However, the degree certificate and the academic transcript will only be released once all outstanding debts to the University are settled.

9.4 Modes of Payment

i.  e-Payment UNIMAS
    Please log on to https://payportal.unimas.my/epayment/

ii. Cash/Credit Card/Debit Card
    Student Finance Unit, Treasurer Office

Please present your deposit slip/payment receipt upon robes collection. Payment can be made starting on 25th September 2019 until 27th October 2019. Student Finance Unit, Treasurer Office will operate during office hours only. Graduands MUST settle the payment within the period stated above.