PM03 - Doctor of Public Health

PM03 - Doctor of Public Health

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About Course

This is a full-time programme that prepares medical doctors for the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree. During the three years the programme prepares the graduates for the DrPH degree. Guidance will be provided by experienced, dedicated and qualified lecturers to ensure that the candidates are kept in touch with innovative, up to date developments in public health-related issues and community-based developments. The DrPH program comprises 78 credit hours of course work and 30 credit hours dedicated to research. This program spans over a period of three years.

The degrees awarded: DrPH (Health Promotion) - 3 years

  • Intake is once a year, normally in September of every year.
  • Course type: DrPH - Coursework, Field Posting and Research.
  • DrPH - Course work (78 credit hours) and research project (30 credit hours)



The minimum entry requirements for the programme are as follows:

  •  Candidates possess MPH degree from UNIMAS, or other institutions of higher learning approved by the Senate.
  •  Pass the entrance examination.
  •  Registered with the Malaysian Medical Council (for local students).
  •  English proficiency with at least IELTS band 6.0.



The full fee for this programme is RM24,448 per course for Malaysian student and RM53,638.00 per course for International student. Students supported by the government, employers or other sponsors should bring letters from their sponsors addressed to UNIMAS confirming that the fee will be paid directly.



Deputy Dean (Graduate, Research & Commercialization),
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences (FMHS),
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
94300 Kota Samarahan,
Tel : +(60-82) 581000
Email :

Coordinator (Doctor of Public Health Programme)
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences (FMHS),
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
94300 Kota Samarahan,
Tel : +(60-82) 581000




For local students, you are required to fill the online UPU application. Intake is once a year - September. For International Students, you are required to fill the online form at CGSWeb. Please complete the form before the due date stated in the UNIMAS Intake Calendar. For any questions regarding admissions, please contact Undergraduate Studies Division (Undergraduate Programme) or UNIMAS Graduate School (Postgraduate Programme).


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This programme is offered to Local and International students

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