WE13 - Bachelor Of Business Administration With Honours (Corporate Management)

WE13 - Bachelor Of Business Administration With Honours (Corporate Management)

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About Course


Bachelor of Business Management (Corporate Management) with Honours programme aims to fulfil the industrial needs towards capable and knowledgeable graduates in corporate management field. Good corporate governance practice and business ethics as based on

their specific codes of conduct, will substantially improve the Malaysian corporate sector to compete efficiently as well as to be able to better achievement in the recent current of globalization. In line with the growing demand for high-skilled labour, the courses

offered in this programme focus specifically on the concepts, theories, and essential skills related to analytical and problem-solving in all aspects of corporate management. The integrated and business multifunctional approaches, comprise of excellent management aspects,

inculcating business culture, efficient knowledge management, and managing various managerial functions inter alia (e.g., production, marketing, finance, operational research, strategic planning, human resource management).


Duration of the programme

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Corporate Management) programme is a full-time programme over a minimum duration of 3 years, which is equivalent to 6 semesters of study with a maximum period of study in 6 years.


Facilities and resources

The faculty has an air-conditioned theater hall and lecture rooms for classes, as well as computer labs equipped with relevant software. Dedicated and experienced Professors, Associate Professors, and Senior Lecturers in Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Marketing,

and Management are facilitating courses in this programme.


Who Should Apply?

  • Fresh graduates from STPM, Matriculation, Pre-University, Diploma, and equivalents who wish to pursue Corporate Management programme.
  • Employees from relevant sectors of industries who are determined to develop their human skills and expand their social network for better job performance and prospects.
  • Anybody that is motivated to pursue Corporate Management programme to gain knowledge in corporate management field, and to be side to plan their own corporate


 Career Prospects

Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Executive, Product Development Executive, Marketing research Officer, Advertising Manager,Advertising Executive, Public Relation Manager, Public Relations Executive, Promotion Manager, Promotion Executive,

Brand Manager, Brand Executive, Marketing Communication Executive, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Research Executive, Product Marketing Executive, Corporate Communications Executive, Retail Executive, Event Coordinator/Executive. 



For local students, you are required to fill the online UPU application.  Please complete the form before the due date stated in the UNIMAS Intake Calendar. For any questions regarding admissions, please contact Undergraduate Studies Division (Undergraduate Programme). 

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Offer Level

This course is offered to both Local & International Students

Approximate International Fees

3 Year, 6 Semesters

1930 students

Available for Local & International Students

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