1. Offer an array of undergraduate and graduate courses
    UNIMAS is committed to democratize education by making it available on a mass basis.  Ensure quality teaching practice and innovative delivery performance by promoting and pursuing innovative developments in teaching and learning with the aim to equip students with significant depth of specialization and relevant soft skills
  2. Foster quest for life-long learning
    In line with the rapid social and technological development, UNIMAS aspires to foster graduates with the quest to pursue quality life-long learning and continuously improve knowledge, skills, and abilities
  3. Enhance research excellence
    Continuously enhance scholarly reputation and standing by ensuring quality research and contributing to knowledge. Also be accountable for its research activities through the development of mechanisms to evaluate research programs.
  4. Establish meaningful national and international linkages
    Smart partnership with government, community, industry, and other academic institutions, both national and international to continuously contribute to cultural and community


  1. Equip graduates with a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge
  2. Produce holistically developed graduates with a keen sense of leadership and professional skills
  3. Provide graduates with high sensitivity to national and international social, moral, ethics and environmental values
  4. Build entrepreneurial skills and competitiveness to enable graduates to adapt to new challenges
  5. Foster graduates with the quest to pursue quality life-long learning in line with the rapid social and technological development