UNIMAS always put the community first, regardless of their background in their effort to spread knowledge throughout the region. This is shown from our programmes enrollment, whereby the application from special needs students are carefully reviewed and given special attention.

Since 1999, 42 special needs students have graduated with distinction. Statistics shows that, the supportive learning environment, with the help from lecturers and comprehensive support from the University, particularly in the provision of teaching and learning equipment especially for special needs students, has helped the figures to increase yearly.

Who are they?

UNIMAS has received a few student intake with special needs such as partly sight and hearing impairments. The enrolment of the special needs students are based on the requirements of Programmes offered to them.

Programmes Offered


Special Software and devices to help those with disabilities such as JAWS Software and wheelchairs. Preferential seating in classroom

(e.g front row seating)

I Need Assistance


For students with mobility challenges, UNIMAS Colleges provides priority registration service for the first floor of the dorm.

College Lists

Centre for Disabilities Studies

CoEDS aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, disabled persons and civil society to share experiences and perspectives on issues and challenges we face in promoting the social inclusion of people with disabilities. At CoEDS, disability is viewed not as a personal tragedy, but as a societal issue that requires a paradigm shift – one that moves away from seeing disabled people as objects of charity to one that views them as people who have intrinsic human rights.

CoEDS therefore seeks to promote disability studies as a field of study which addresses the marginalisation and exclusion of people with disabilities in society. Their research and development projects are aimed at bringing people from various backgrounds and with different abilities together to facilitate partnership and full participation.

CoEDS also aims to create extensive networks with various institutions and agencies locally and internationally in forging practice, research and policy on promoting a disability-sensitive and inclusive society.

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