UNIMAS Niche-areas

Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation

Recognising the need to balance the species, their natural habitat and human development, research in this area focuses on the science and engineering applications on the ecosystems of both terrestrial and aquatic environments. Working in collaboration with local communities, government and nongovernment agencies, our researchers attempt to study the entire environment of Sarawak from its coastal waters to its highlands, from the smallest creatures that threaten human life to the largest endangered mammal. Our purpose is to highlight the magnitude of ecological system and its impacts on our lives. With that in mind, we strive to preserve the natural environment and our biodiversity.

Information Communication and Creative Technology

Research on information communication and creative technology aims to strengthen and rationalise efforts in engineering, information and communication technologies. Our research in this area endeavours to apply the scientific theories and mathematical techniques to design and create technological solutions in order to enhance our existence. On that note, we attempt to impart our knowledge on technical, practical and creative approaches of engineering, information and communication technologies to bridge the technological divide in various locations which are extremely remote, in areas that neither have power nor telecommunication connectivity. Our objective is to assist society in attaining a better quality of life and achieving socio-economic goals.

Sustainable Community Transformation

This area of research is dedicated in harmonising arts and sciences, from humanities to healthcare in our attempts to sustain and transform the livelihood of our society. Our researchers endeavour to collaborate through the quadruple helix relationship of the government, university, industry and community as we attempt to enhance the sustainable economic development of our community. Our objective is to build and maintain healthy, regenerative societies for the future in order to sustain all living things for the consumption of our future generations. Ultimately, our goal is to transform and sustain the community through our research and innovation ecosystem.