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In UNIMAS, students are responsible for their own learning under the careful guidance of their instructors. On top of their core subjects, students are given the opportunity to select complementary courses from a menu offered by different faculties of the university. Student's learning is optimised through a careful evaluation of individual course units and self-managed study for the development of the total individual.

On top of these, UNIMAS also offer various soft skills courses to further increase its graduate marketability in the job market. Through the Centre for Students Development, students are able to choose various courses which should help them improve their marketability such as time management, communication skills, self-management, public speaking, etc.

Programme Objectives

UNIMAS recognises that learning should be provided in a system capable of continuously assimilating, using and transfering new methods, knowledge and skills - the students should see themselves as continuous learners and UNIMAS will ensure relevance by prioritising its teaching and learning activities.