Postgraduate Scholarships

Students can apply for a loan/scholarship/sponsorship from various organizations namely Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (JPA), Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional Malaysia (PTPTN), state government, statutory bodies and the private sectors. Details can be obtained directly from the respective establishment mentioned. Advertisements for the offer of loan/scholarship/sponsorship will usually be advertised in local newspaper other than listed in this page.

Student who has obtained a loan/scholarship/sponsorship for their studies at the University, they need to submit a copy of the loan’s/scholarship’s/sponsorship’s letter of offer on the registration day.

To assist students, the Student Affairs, Alumni Division (Undergraduate Student) and the Centre of Graduate Studies (Postgraduate Student) will contact the loan/scholarship/sponsorship representative from time to time for sources of aid.

Student Affairs: Loan/Scholarship/Sponsorship Unit

This unit is responsible for assisting students during orientation week in matters pertaining to loans, scholarship or sponsorship. It acts as an intermediary that disseminates information on loans and sponsorships to new students, and supports students in obtaining them during their study period in UNIMAS by way of :-

  • Giving information concerning applicable loan/scholarship/sponsorship
  • Assisting students with documentations to ensure smooth application progress

Main functions:

  • Organising meeting sessions for both sponsors and sponsored students from time to time
  • Coordinating activities organised by sponsors for sponsored students
  • Providing sponsors with student progress reports of each semester for payment purposes

ZAMALAH Scholarship

UNIMAS Postgraduate Scholarship is a scholarship scheme created to encourage excellent graduate students to continue their study at Master and PhD level by research at UNIMAS. The introduction of this scholarship is in line with the universitys efforts to intensify research activities and development parallel with its aspiration to become a well known research based university. Master and PhD students who are reading for a full time based research project with an end result of the creation of thesis, invention or creative output are invited to apply for this scholarship.

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International Graduate Encouragement Scheme (I-GES) is a form of monetary benefit awarded to any active, research-based and full time international graduate student of UNIMAS (introducer), who managed to bring in new international students to study in UNIMAS. Terms and conditions for this award are available from UGS.

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MyBrain15 program is a funding program of study at post-graduate level and become one of the critical agenda of the project under the National Higher Education Strategic Plan (PSPTN). The goal of the program is to create a group of human resources professionals as a catalyst for research, development and innovation. By implementing this program, we hope to be able to develop its first world talent base; that will be one of the initiatives to drive Malaysia into a high income nation. Under this program, the Government aims to produce 60,000 PhD holders among the people of Malaysia by the year 2023. The programs implemented through MyBrain15 Program are MyPhD, MyMaster, MyPhD Industry and IPTA Academic Training Scheme (SLAI).

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Postgraduate Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for Graduate Studies Session 2020/2021 Session

Academic Calendar 2020/2021 Session

Academic Calendar for Graduate Studies Session 2019/2020 Session

Academic Calendar 2019/2020 Session

International Student Preparations

For NEW International students.

The government has decided that effective 1st January 2014, all foreign students who have their student pass approved MUST obtain a visa to enter the country for the purpose of studying. This decision involves international students from all countries whether or not requiring a visa to enter Malaysia.

Any prospective students who wish to come and study here must obtain Visa Approval Letter before they come to Malaysia. If they come with Social Visit Pass and wish to convert it to the Student Pass, they will be asked to leave Malaysia and obtain Visa Approval Letter from the Malaysian Embassy in their respective countries.

To apply the Visa Approval Letter, you must send to IAD UNIMAS (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) the documents as listed below:

6 copies of passport photos 1 copy of passport (all printed/stamped pages except the blank pages) Health Examination Report (must use the form that is provided by IAD) Health Examination Report.pdf RM10 of stamping fee (we will pay on behalf of you and must be pay later once you have arrived in UNIMAS) Tuition Fees Official Receipt (obtainable from Centre from Graduate Studies) Copy of your offer letter

The Visa Approval Letter application will take approximately around 7 - 14 working days to be processed by the Immigration Department. Once the Visa Approval Letter issued, we will send the original to your mailing address. You are then required to submit the letter to the nearest Malaysia Embassy in your country to obtain the Single Entry Visa. Prior to your arrival in UNIMAS, you are required to submit your passport along with Student Pass fees to our office to collect your Student Pass.

  • Places where foreign students are allowed to work are as follows :
    • Restaurants
    • Gas Stations
    • Mini Markets
    • Hotels
  • The application is submitted by a representatives of universities / colleges with the student attendance to the Immigration Headquarters or the Immigration Office of the State for the IPTA ( Public Institutions of Higher Learning. )
  • Universities / colleges to provide a letter of support to allow students to work that informs the semester break dates in the letter.
  • Permission to work for international students will stamped in their passport.
  • Universities / colleges shall submit a list of students working and the students academic performance report every three months to the Department of Immigration.
  • Permission work part time only ( semester break / holidays / vacation over (7) days ) and the period of work is no more than 20-hour work per week.
  • International students are not allowed to work as a cashier at the four places mentioned above.
  • Added permission to work will only be allowed if the good academic performance and good attendance is maintained.


The government has decided that effective 1st January 2014, all foreign students who have their student pass approved MUST obtain a visa to enter the country for the purpose of studying. This decision involves international students from all countries whether or not requiring a visa to enter Malaysia.

Please view the Student Pass Application Guidelines

International students are required to undergo a thorough medical check-up upon arrival in Malaysia. The report of this Health Examination must be submitted to the University Health Centre for endorsement prior to registration. Download the UNIMAS Health Examination Report here.

No vaccinations are required unless you have been in a yellow fever area (eg. Africa, Latin America) within the last six days. The local overall health situation is praiseworthy with the eradication of most infectious tropical diseases.If you are in doubt, please consult any physician or practitioners, available at any private clinic or government hospital. Clean and efficient clinics are found throughout Sarawak. In contrast to most western countries, your prescriptions will be given to you from any private clinic and hospital thus avoiding the trouble of going to the pharmacy to purchase your medication.

All students, international or local, can apply for hostel accommodation prior to or upon registering with the Centre for Graduate Studies, UNIMAS (for students at Kota Samarahan Campus only). The university provides a well-equipped international student hostel so international students can enjoy a pleasant home while staying in Malaysia. The cost is RM15 per day, inclusive of utilities such as bathroom, household appliances, cooking facilities and TV room. Please note that acceptance to any programme does not automatically entitle a student for University Accommodation.

Living costs will depend on your choice of accommodation and your lifestyle. It is recommended that international students allow between USD5,500 to USD6,500 a year for food, clothing, books, transport, entertainment and accommodation costs. During the first few months, you will require additional funds to cover some extra expenses, some of which are detailed below.

Conversion Masters to PhD

Students who registered for a Master degree by research may apply to convert their degree to a doctoral degree. Application should be made within the first 12 months after the initial date of registration into a Master programme to the Centre for Graduate Studies.

The conversion formula is as follows : The maximum number of years permitted in the new mode of study minus the number of years already completed in the old mode shall determine the remaining duration of study after the conversion is approved.

A student's candidate can be changed from a Doctoral to a Master's degree if his/her progress is deemed adequate only for a Master Degree.

A guidelines for approval of conversion to PhD Programme for Master by Research Students is attached in Appendix B.


Full time students registered in Master by Research Programmes who wish to convert their study to PhD status should demonstrate good results and may apply to the University Senate with a recommendation from the Faculty Graduate Committee. Approval for conversion are based on, and not limited to, the following guidelines :

Application for conversion should be made within the first 12 months after the initial date of registration into a Master programme. Candidate may apply by completing an application form (Form 8CPhD), and submit it to the Centre for Graduate Studies to be processed.

An application for conversion shall be vetted by the Faculty Graduate Committee before submission to the University Graduate Studies Committee for endorsement, and subsequently to the Senate for approval.

The following criteria is used to consider an application for conversion of a Master (by Research) degree to PhD :

The application is supported by the student's supervisor (s) or supervisory committee together with a favourable report from an independent assessor.

An application for conversion shall be vetted by the Faculty Graduate Committee before submission to the University Graduate Studies Committee for endorsement, and subsequently to the Senate for approval.

The student will be required to present his/her work at 'conversion seminar' organized by the said faculty, together with a report on current research project undertaken for a Master degree in the specified field of study.

The proposed research project is an expansion of the original Masters project and has all the merits of a PhD project. ( A full research proposal which is in tandem with the requirements of a doctorate degree is also required. ).

The proposed PhD programme would be supervised by a suitable supervisor(s) or supervisory committee. The Faculty Graduate Committee can recommend a change of supervisor(s) or supervisory committee if it is deemed to be appropriate.

The supervisor(s) has access to necessary facilities ( laboratory equipment, IT hardware/ software, etc ) to ensure that the student would be able to carry out his/her research work within the stipulated period of time.

If the conversion is granted, the initial date of registration for the Masters degree shall be regarded as the effective commencement date for the PhD candidature.

The PhD degree tuition fees are payable effective from the approved semester of conversion.

Should the student, under unforeseen circumstances, unable to perform satisfactorily as stated in the Graduate Studies Regulation and subsequently failed to obtain his/her PhD within the prescribed period, the Faculty Graduate Committee may recommend the award of a Master (M.Sc) degree, whichever is deemed suitable for this purpose.


In response to the demands of today’s Information Technology (IT) professional, tech-skilled with critical business thinking employees are required like never before. The Master in Information Technology Management provides students with an enhanced understanding of the business context and technical developments shaping contemporary information and communications technology (ICT) and equips them to meet the challenges of working in the IT industry. The programme will prepare students for a broad range of careers in management like IT manager and director, IT consultants in public and private organisations as well as IT Entrepreneurs. With a Master In Information Technology Management, the students are able to assess an in-depth understanding of knowledge, mastery of skills and research methods related to the field of Information Technology; and devise IT solutions to fulfil requirements and industry.

Duration of the Programme

Master in Information Technology Management (MITM) is a master programme by coursework with TWO (2) modes of study

  • Full Time : 1 year (weekend classes)
  • Part Time : 2 year (weekend classes)

Facilities and resources

To support your studies, University provides various facilities and resources such as:

  • Computing facilities
  • Online Learning Support
  • Centre for Academic Information System (CAIS)

Who should apply

MITM Programme is opened to candidates from various background who are aiming to tailor their postgraduate studies according to their needs or their employer's. The programme provides a wide and in-depth knowledge of the areas of Information Technology and its state-of-the-art application. The course contents cover in the programme are relevant and in-line with the needs to produce a highly skilled workforce in the field of Information Technology. Besides, the elements of Industrial Revolution 4.0 are implemented in this programme.

You may apply any time online at: