Corporate Master in Business Administration (CMBA)

The CMBA provides opportunity for individuals to advance their career in business management, as well as practitioners to sharpen their business management skills and knowledge. The programme has attracted a highly motivated community of students from diverse academic backgrounds and working experiences. We bring together experienced, dedicated and qualified lecturers to ensure an innovative, application-oriented and multidisciplinary program. The CMBA is outstanding because it has retained the best features of the traditional MBA combined with the contemporary features demanded by today’s business managers.

CMBA is committed to continuous quality improvement to accommodate the concurrent industrial needs and market demands. In this conjunction, apart from the existing CMBA general degree, students nowadays may opt for specialization in Information Technology Management, Art Management or Human Resources Management.

Program Goal.

CMBA program aims to equip graduate students with advanced knowledge and skills to be scholars or practitioners in the field of business management, in the national or international arenas.

Duration of the Programme

The CMBA program is a full-time master program by coursework over a minimum duration of 5 semesters of study. We have 3 semesters in an academic year: February, July and September. Most full-time students can manage to complete their studies in 5 semesters. For those who choose to do it at a slower pace, the maximum period of study is 4 years.

Program Education Outcomes (PEO):

At the end of the Program, graduate are:

  • PEO1: able to integrate and utilize advance knowledge, practical and social skills to become a responsible decision maker.
  • PEO2: competent in analytical and strategic thinking skills, responding to complex business and economic environments with highest professionalism.
  • PEO3: ready to demonstrate dynamic leadership personality with effective communication and teamwork skills.
  • PEO4: able to display managerial skills and undertake independent lifelong learning to advance business and career development.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO):

Upon graduating this program, students are able to:

  • PLO1: apply multi-disciplinary knowledge and research skills in a complex business environment.
  • PLO2: integrate and enhance practical skills into working environment.
  • PLO3: perform effective social responsibilities to stakeholders.
  • PLO4: practise professionalism and ethic in business and economic environment.
  • PLO5: perform analytical and strategic thinking ability in making decision.
  • PLO6: demonstrate progressive leadership quality through effective communication and team work.
  • PLO7: display the skills and principles of life-long learning and information management in dynamic business eco-system.
  • PLO8: demonstrate managerial quality for value enhancement to their organizations.

Who should apply

  • Employers and entrepreneurs who intend to enhance your marketing, management, leadership and organizational skills and performance.
  • Employees from all sectors of industries who are determined to develop your human capital and expand your social network for better job performance and prospects.
  • School teachers and college lecturers who intend to upgrade your qualification, knowledge and skills on strategic marketing and strategic management, business analysis and problem-solving, economic policies.
  • Fresh undergraduates who wish to make a quantum leap into the business world by acquiring business and managerial skills, and by building your business development, financial analysis and business communication skills.
  • Anybody that is motivated to pursue your master degree by coursework.


CMBA has 2 intakes per year:

  • February
  • September

You may apply any time online at:

Facilities and resources

The faculty has air-conditioned theater hall and lecture rooms for classes, as well as computer labs equipped with relevant hard- and soft-wares for business / economic information management and data analytic purpose.

Currently, Corporate Master in Business Administration program is offered by Faculty of Economics and Business, UNIMAS in the main campus at Kota Samarahan, as well as other learning centers at Sibu and Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Miri, and Perak.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Candidates must possess at least one of the following qualifications :

  • A Bachelor degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, as accepted by the Senate;
  • A Bachelor degree or equivalent but with CGPA less than 2.50, may be admitted subject to a minimum of 5 years working experience in the relevant field; or
  • Other equivalent qualifications approved by the Senate.
  • For international students, a minimum IELTS Score of 5.5 or its equivalent ( e.g TOEFL-525; TOEFL Computer Test -196; TOEFL Internet Test 69-70 ) is required.

Alternative Entry:

Candidates who do not possess any Bachelor degree can be accepted into our CMBA program via Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning, APEL (A) admission gateway. Candidates must be:

  • 30 years and above at time of application for an entry/access to a program at Masters level (APEL T-7) with
  • STPM/Diploma or any qualification equivalent to Diploma ; and
  • experience in a related field.
  • Pass the APEL (A) assessment (Aptitude Test, Portfolio, Interview, Examination) conducted by Malaysian Qualifications Agency

For more information on APEL (A), kindly visit

Course Fees

The full fee for this program is RM23,032.00 for Malaysian student and RM31,152.00 for International student. The fee is to be paid in five (5) semesters. Students will have to pay further administrative fees and recurring fees if they extend their studies after 5 semesters of study.

Students are allowed to make semester fees payment by installment if you wish to do so. For fees per semester, kindly visit:

Year 1
Sem 1 Tuition Fees RM4,344.00
Non-Recurring Fees RM620.00
Recurring Fees RM346.00
Total RM5,310.00
Sem 2 Tuition Fees RM4,344.00
Total RM4,344.00
Sem 3 Tuition Fees RM4,344.00
Total RM4,344.00
Year 2
Sem 1 Tuition Fees RM4,344.00
Recurring Fees RM346.00
Total RM4,690.00
Sem 2 Tuition Fees RM4,344.00
Total RM4,344.00
Total RM23,032.00
Year 1
Sem 1 Tuition Fees RM5,752.00
Non-Recurring Fees RM700.00
Recurring Fees RM846.00
Total RM7,298.00
Sem 2 Tuition Fees RM5,752.00
Total RM5,752.00
Sem 3 Tuition Fees RM5,752.00
Total RM5,752.00
Year 2
Sem 1 Tuition Fees RM5,752.00
Recurring Fees RM846.00
Total RM6,598.00
Sem 2 Tuition Fees RM5,752.00
Total RM5,752.00
Total RM31,152.00
Programme Structure

The CMBA is studied over a minimum of 18 months; this would mean a programme of study over 5 semesters. This program consists of core, electives and research modules. The core module form the cornerstone of the CMBA, and students must complete the core module before moving on to the elective module.

The Electives module allows students to customise the CMBA in line with their personal needs and career path. The Corporate Business Project/Corporate Training is the most rewarding part of the entire CMBA, because it offers a learning exercise relevant to the students special needs and aspirations, thereby contributing to their future career and professional development.

Core courses

  • Principles of Accounting and Finance
  • Economics Theory
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Management

Electives (take 6 only)

  • Economics Analysis and Policy
  • International Finance
  • Investment
  • Money, Banking & Financial Market
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge Management
  • Law for Managers
  • Firms, Institutions & Competition
  • E-business
  • Operations Management


  • Research Methods & Statistical Analysis
  • Corporate Business Project 1
  • Corporate Business Project 2
Our Learning Centers Addresses

i ) Kota Samarahan

Faculty of Economics and Business
University Malaysia Sarawak
94300 Kota Samarahan,Sarawak, MALAYSIA
Tel : +6082-584291
Fax : +6082-583999
Email :

ii ) Sibu

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Lorong 31, Jalan Tunku Abd Rahman
96000 Sibu
Telephone: +6084-228251

iii ) International Malaysia Education Centre ( IMEC )

Lot A1.47,
Ground Floor, Plaza Pantai,
Jalan Pantai Baharu, Taman Bukit Pantai,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Telephone : +6 03 2201 8921
Mobile Phone: +6 012 9108018
Email :
Website :

iv) Sabah Institute Of Art

Floor 3rd & 4th, Block C, UCSF Building,
Jalan Sanzac, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Phone: 088-486 799
Email :
Website :

v) IBS College

Bangunan Tabung Baitulmal,
Lot 1117 & 1118, Jalan Sehati,
Pelita Commercial Centre,
98000, Miri, Sarawak, 98000, Malaysia
Phone: +60 85-438 666
Website :

For further information, please contact :

Associate Professor Dr Liew Khim Sen
CMBA Programme Coordinator
Faculty of Economics and Business
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
94300 Kota Samarahan,Sarawak, MALAYSIA
Tel : +(60-82) 584291
Fax : +(60-82) 583999
Email :
Website :