WA12 Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Industrial Relations and Labour Studies

UG Programme 2

Industrial Relations and Labour Studies Programme enables the students to engage in the practice of professionalism in accordance with the ethical and moral values relevant to the industrial world. Demonstrate effective communication, leadership and teamwork skills in the context of industrial and employment relations as well as apply skills and abilities in industrial and employment relations for life-long learning. Practicing the laws related to industrial and employment relations.

The courses offered in this programme are aimed at fulfilling eight learning outcomes:

  • Interpret an understanding from the sources of knowledge and able to synthesize these knowledge for self-development as well as for the society.
  • Utilize their respective intellectual skills to conceptualize the understanding and explanation of the actors in industrial relations and discourse in the form of presentation and the proliferation of knowledge.
  • Communicate with all levels of the organization and put forward their ideas in various forums and environment with a high level of professionalism.
  • Demonstrate the level of professionalism which is relevant to ethical and moral values in knowledge application in the industrial world.
  • Understand the economic, environment and socio-cultural effects in professional practices and demonstrate leadership qualities in knowledge for the society, organizational and national development.
  • Involve in critical academic discussions for the purpose of identifying problems and issues in an organisation and workplace.
  • Profess life-long learning through continuous value added skills in their career, and become an affiliate to related public and private institutions and agencies in order to gain the latest information pertaining to this field.
  • Outsource the resources and business opportunities and able to design business planning.
Career Prospects

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