WA21 - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Politics and Government Studies

UG Programme 5

Politics and Government Programme offers a holistic and practical approach to the study of political science. As political science is very broad in nature, this programme offers courses which expose students to a variety of sub-fields in political science. These sub-fields include political economy, public policies, Malaysian politics, comparative politics and governance.

Programme Educational Objectives

The graduates of the programme are expected to:

  • Engage in the practice of professionalism and possess leadership skills by applying theories and concepts of political science.
  • Apply administrative instruments and skills as practitioners.
  • Demonstrate good values such as discipline and integrity in workplace.
  • Explore opportunities and adapt themselves to the global working environment.
Programme Learning Outcomes

It is hoped that by the end of their studies, the students from this specialization programme are able to meet these learning outcomes:

  • Explain theories and concepts in Political Science.
  • Apply research knowledge and subsequently produce academic writings related to the discipline of Political Science.
  • Demonstrate caring attitude and sensitivity towards issues and problem faced by the community.
  • Practice good value such as integrity, discipline as well as responsibility in daily life and in the work environment.
  • Present ideas coherently and convincingly either individually or in a team based environment.
  • Analyze current political issues critically.
  • Demonstrate the desire to continuously enrich one's knowledge.
  • Explore and seize entrepreneurial opportunities creatively and productively.
Career Prospects

To be updated soon.
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