WA22 - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Development Planning and Management

UG Programme 6

The Development Planning and Management Program is designed to equip students with the principles, practices and techniques towards achieving the goals of sustainable development. This program adopts a multidisciplinary approach which exposes students to the studies of economy, sociology and physical environment. The significant aspects in the curriculum include exposing students through various tools and technologies in development planning and management activities. These are fundamental dimensions to develop students to be critical in analyzing and offering solutions for the betterment of the society.

Programme Educational Objectives

The graduates of the programme are expected to:

  • To produce capable professionals who are equipped with knowledge about the implications of development on stakeholders and environment.
  • To demonstrate the ability to critically analyze issues related to development, environment and society.
  • Equip with latest knowledge and technical skills in the field of development planning and management for lifelong learning.
  • To produce effective individuals who can lead their organizations and practice ethical value in dealing with project management.
Programme Learning Outcomes

At the end of their study, students from this programme are expected to be able to:

  • Master the skills and knowledge in the field of development planning and management.
  • Master the technical skills including usage of technology in planning.
  • Acquire social skills and responsibility in presenting clear ideas especially in the field of physical and social development.
  • Acquire skills in critical and logical thinking as well as using scientific method in solving problem.
  • Proactive in exploring issues in society and able to work in group.
  • Illustrate the ability to manage information and to engage in continuous knowledge delivery.
  • Master the skills in planning, project management and evaluation, and exploring opportunity in entrepreneurship and
  • Show professionalism and being ethical in carrying out tasks.
Career Prospect

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