WA23 - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Social Work Studies

UG Programme 6

Professional social work practice in Malaysia is becoming much more relevant in the last few decades because of rapid urbanization, changes in family structures, diminishing traditional support network and the increasing number of social problems. The main purpose of social work is about the enhancement of human well being and the promotion of social justice and social development. The courses offered by this programme are intended to prepare and equip the students with knowledge on the interaction between human and society, Students learn theories and skills in social work to enable them to play their roles effectively in helping or working with individuals, groups and communities as well as formulating social policies. This programme is broad-based, drawing on knowledge from other social science disciplines and behavioural sciences, such as planning, management, and both communication and interpersonal skills.

At the end of the study, social work graduates are expected to:

  • Have acquired knowledge and skills that enable them to engage appropriately in any social, economic and cultural context they may be.
  • Integrate knowledge, values and skills in social work practice.
  • Critically analyze the social issues and problems resulting from social dynamics particularly in the context of developing countries.
  • Exhibit good communication skills needed at different levels of intervention in social work including multi-disciplinary practices.
  • Demonstrate empathy and awareness on cultural and personal levels.
  • Instill the core values of social work by emphasizing on the practices of anti-discrimination, social justice, diversity, equality and human rights.
  • Participate critically in issues relating to the development of professional competency in social work.
  • Develop competency and skills in evaluation and problem solving at both micro and macro levels.
  • Plan and coordinate services, programmes and policies related to the needs and care of families, community and society.
Career Prospects

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