Linguistics is the scientific study of key aspects of languages. It ranges from the study of a language's sound system and grammatical structure to the cultural influence on the language, the integration of language and modern technology as well as the thorough analysis of meaning in language. It is a field of study that compares the structures of different languages and establishes linkages between them.

Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Linguistics) is a 3-year degree programme that is specifically designed to produce quality and competitive graduates. This is a unique programme that is conducted in bilingual mode (Malay and English). It emphasizes on the linguistic knowledge of major languages in the world as well as Borneo languages (Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, etc).

Programme 1
Career Prospects

Publishing, Journalism, Advertising, Travel and tourism, Management and administration, Marketing, Public and international relations, Diplomatic services, Corporate services

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Year 1
  • Semester 1
    • MPU3122 Islamic and asian civilization OR MPU3172 Apresiasi Budaya Masyarakat Malaysia
    • PBI1102 Academic English 1 for MUET band 3 OR PBI1092 Academic English 2 for MUET band 4 to 6
    • PBL1013 Introduction to Linguistics
    • PBL1023 Phonetics
    • PBL1043 Phonology
    • PBL1053 Philosophy of Language
    • PBL1113 Language Variation
    • PPD1041 Kemahiran Insaniah dan Asas
    • PPD1041 Kesukarelawanan (kecuali pelajar yg mengikuti PALAPES/SUKSIS/SISPA)
  • Semester 2
    • PBI1072 English for Professional Communication for MUET band 3 OR PBI1082 English for Occupational Purposes MUET band 4 to 6 / Lulus PBI1092
    • MPU3412 ICT Competency
    • PPD1032 Kokurikulum Berkredit (kecuali pelajar yang mengikuti PALAPES/ SUKSIS/ SISPA)
    • PBL1123 Sarawak Malay Dialect Level 1 OR PBL1133 Iban Language Level 1 OR PBL1143 Bidayuh Language Level 1 OR PBL1153 Melanau Language Level 1
    • PBL1163 Pengantar Linguistik Antropologi
    • PBL1063 Morphology
    • PBL1033 Dialectology
    • MPU3112 Ethnic Relations OR MPU3142 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2
Year 2
  • Semester 1
    • **Foreign Language Course Level 2 OR AEBxy1z Kursus-kursus elektif dari FSS, FSKPM dan FSGK
    • PBS2033 Kebudayaan Kebangsaan dan Pembentukan Negara Bangsa
    • PBL2013 Semantics
    • PBL2093 Linguistics in Computer Application
    • PBS2013 National Literature OR PBS2023 Popular Culture
    • PBL2183 Sarawak Malay Dialect Level 2 OR PBL2193 Iban Language Level 2 OR PBL2203 Bidayuh Language Level 2 OR PBL2213 Melanau Language Level 2
    • MPU3222 Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan
  • Semester 2
    • **Foreign Language Course Level 1 OR AEBxy1z Kursus-kursus elektif dari FSS, FSKPM dan FSGK
    • PBP2014 Research Methodology
    • PBL2083 Socialinguistics
    • PBL2223 Psycholinguistics
    • PBL2144 Sarawak Malay Dialect Level 3 OR PBL2154 Iban Language Level 3 OR PBL2164 Bidayuh Language Level 3 OR PBL2174 Melanau Language Level 3
    • PBL2233 Discourse Analysis
  • Semester 2 Antarsesi
    • PBP2045 Industrial Training (10 minggu)
Year 3
  • Semester 1
    • **Foreign Language Course Level 3
    • AEBxy1z Kursus-kursus Elektif dari FSKPM, FSS atau FSGK
    • PBP3013 Final Year Project 1
    • PBL3013 Pragmatics
    • PBL3023 Syntax
    • PBL3073 Lexicography
    • PBL3083 History of Linguistics
  • Semester 2
    • PBP3023 Final Year Project 2
    • PBL3033 Linguistics Communication
    • PBL3063 Linguistics and Translation
    • PBS3034 Borneo-Kalimantan Literature
    • PBS3013 Orientalism dan Postcolonialism OR PBS3023 Appreciation of Nusantara Heritage Art and Culture
    • MPU3312 Malay Language
    • MPU3322 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi Lanjutan
For further information, please contact:
Dr Remmy anak Gedat
Programme Coordinator (Linguistics),
Faculty of Language & Communication (FLC),
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
94300 Kota Samarahan,
Tel : +(60-82) 581725
Fax : +(60-82)
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