Network Computing Programme (WC11)

Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours (Network Computing)

Communication network has become a crucial platform for the world of ICT. Network Computing programme provides fundamental and integrated study toward this direction. Network computing programme covers system integration studies between software and hardware technologies which focus on high-speed, high performance, mobile systems and networks. Students undergo this programme will not only be exposed to extensive technical knowledge, but various soft skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.

Upon graduation, graduates from this program will have the ability to model and build network computing environment taking into consideration the interconnectivity between systems and devices. They will also be able to plan, design, implement and evaluate computer system environment including network architecture and operation management.

UG Programme 5
Career Prospects
Graduates of Network Computing Programme would be able to have careers in fields; not limited to Computer Network Administrator, Network Engineer, System Programmer, Network Programmer, Network Communication Consultant, Network Support Officer.

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DIPLOMA / Setaraf
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Note: This curriculum structure only applies for the current 2015/2016 intake of students. Other students from previous intakes, must refer to their own undergraduate guidebook provided.
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