Mechanical engineers are vital to the country’s economic and infrastructure development as they play a pivotal role in the designing, development, manufacturing and maintenance of all the components which improve and support the systems and structure of our modern way of life. The student attending this programme will be exposed to an integrated education system enable them to be far-sighted and function not just as an engineer which will but also as a skilful manager. The aim of this programme therefore, is to impart the relevant knowledge and skills to cultivate a high level of self-confidence to enable graduates to become competitive, efficient, accountable, far-sighted engineers offering high quality professional service.

UG Programme 5
Career Prospects

Mechanical engineering is a uniquely broad profession. It provides challenging career opportunities in field as diverse as power generation, automotive and aerospace technology, machine tools and robotics, bioengineering and the food, chemical and oil industries. Mechanical engineers work in design, research and development, consultancy, manufacturing, marketing and operations of technical and managerial expertise. Whereas, manufacturing engineers are employed in key positions in a wide range of industries. They are experts in designing and managing the essential systems necessary for successful industrial and business enterprises and they work, to improve productivity, in terms of availability, quality and costs of products or services supplied to customers, which amalgamate, technology, management and human resources.

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