As the world reopens, UNIMAS continues to invite like-minded global researchers and learners to walk through its gates to be part of a life-changing and unique learning experience. Throughout the years, UNIMAS has helped global researchers ventured through the jungles of Borneo as they scour the lands for new discoveries.

Nestled in the district of Kota Samarahan of Sarawak, is Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). A university with a sprawling 2,200 acres plot, a sustainable campus spotting its own lake and surrounded by wooded wetlands. It is a bastion of learning, research and innovation located within the largest hub of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge, that is the Island of Borneo.

For 30 years since its inception in 1992, from a humble beginning of 118 students and 2 faculties to now almost 17,000 students and 10 faculties, UNIMAS has been crossing frontiers; making waves not just locally but on a global scale as a viable institution of learning that attracts researchers and learners who desire a sense of adventure in all the riches that Borneo can offer.

UNIMAS, over the years, has been recognised as a university who’s geared towards sustainable community-based projects as evident by UNIMAS winning and being shortlisted in TIMES Higher Education (THE) Asia Awards 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 honor rolls.

For THE Asia Awards 2020 and 2022, UNIMAS was shortlisted among the Top 8 in Asia for the International Strategy Award with regard to its student and community mobility programmes.
UNIMAS continues to offer its Mobility Programmes such as the UNIMAS Edutourism Programme for the global learners. The UNIMAS Edutourism Programme aims to provide participants with authentic learning experiences through fun and interactive activities, as well as to encourage cultural exchange between students and Sarawak's local communities allowing for bonds to be established between international and local participants.

Catering to the adventurous global learner, UNIMAS offers 11 Edutourism categories for the learners to choose such as Agriculture and Veterinary, Arts and Social Science, Business and Entrepreneurship, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Environmental and Health Science, Food, Culture and Heritage, Language and Communication, Leadership and Management, Nature and Adventure, Science and Technology, and Sports.

UNIMAS also offers Short-Term Mobility programmes for students, to help enhance students’ learning experience by exposing them to the cultural, economic, political, educational and ecological aspects of other countries. UNIMAS provides a choice of 4 Short-term Mobility programmes namely Culture and Heritage, Net Zero Hero, Biodiversity, and Indigenous Knowledge.
These internationally recognised programmes further cements UNIMAS imprint on the global stage as a community driven university for a sustainable world.

The charm of UNIMAS is not something best read in the writings of this unknown writer. It is best experienced as you walk through old-world jungles, hike hills and explore valleys; and dance to the songs of the indigenous Kelabit from the Bario Highland. Or as you stand among the hustle and bustle of the charming and quaint old China town in Kuching city. Or felt, as your feet touch the sands of the Southernmost Bornean beach at Teluk Melano.

UNIMAS provides rich learning experiences outside the confines of a classroom. It harkens back to the days of old when seekers of knowledge would congregate in the great outdoors to study nature and listen to thinkers expound their thoughts. It celebrates the explorer who charts new paths through a rugged wilderness, opening new lands for all to enjoy. And for this, UNIMAS is unique among academia in Malaysia. There is no other like it¾where one can truly have a life-changing experience among communities of people who are inclusive and forward-looking, working hand in hand towards crafting a sustainable world for all.

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