Doctor Of Business Administration

The DBA degree programme is a rigorous doctoral programme by coursework. It is specifically tailored to provide executives, professionals, and leaders in both private and public sectors with the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate degree beyond that of an MBA. The UNIMAS DBA is an extremely challenging yet highly rewarding level of education that ensures you are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge in business research, theories, and trends. This positions you as an expert scholar practitioner in your organisation. To achieve this, the UNIMAS DBA programme provides a team of experienced academicians and practitioners to guide you throughout your doctoral journey.


DBA programme is based on trimester system; February, June and October in an academic year. Application is open throughout the year and can be done online via: https://oas.ia.unimas.my


Core Courses

  • EBD7014 Business Strategy and Leadership
  • EBD7034 Strategic Global Marketing
  • EBD7054 Strategic Financial and Risk Management
  • EBD7064 Global Business Economics
  • EBD7074 Advanced Research Methodology
  • EBD7084 Advanced Data Analysis
  • EBD7094 Industry 4.0 and Business Innovation
  • EBD7104 Business Consultancy and Training
  • EBD7114 Government, Public Policy and Sustainable Business
  • EBD7124 Seminar in Corporate Management
  • EBD7164 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • EBD71412 Dissertation I
  • EBD71516 Dissertation II

Electives Modules (Study 2 only)

  • EBD7024 Strategic Corporate Entrepreneurship OR
  • EBD7134 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • EBD7174 Organizational Behaviour OR
  • EBD7044 Operations Management


Part Time Study

Malaysian student RM41,004.00

Full Time Study

Malaysian student RM40,658.00
International student RM61,140.00


The fees is to be paid in eight (8) trimesters. Students will have to pay further administrative fees and recurring fees if they extend theirstudies. Dissertation examination (viva-voce) fees is RM2,000.


Dr Mohd Khairul Hisyam bin Hassan

Programme Coordinator
Faculty of Economics and Business
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 082 584395 
Mobile: +60 12 674 6175
Email: hmkhisyam@unimas.my 
Website: http://www.feb.unimas.my
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
94300, Kota Samarahan,
Sarawak, Malaysia
Email : corporate@unimas.my
Tel : +60 82 58 1000

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