Master of Science in Sustainable Aquaculture

The programme aims to nurture competent graduates in the field of aquaculture in pursuit to meet the needs of the industry. It emphasises on sustainable agriculture that is commensurate with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as well as our country's long-term food security goal. Concurrently, the values of lifelong learning, leadership qualities, and holistic principles are uphold in engaging competent "environmentalists" to industry and society as a whole. In fulfilment of the above objectives, this programme is structured in a way that students are cultivated to implement problem solving in innovative, creative and ethical manner. Sustainable aquaculture practice and management, fish health management, advance breeding and production, biotechnology in aquaculture, e-marketing and precision in aquaculture are among the courses offered that are on par to the IR 4.0 development to ultimately pursuit the global and national goals.


Master of Science in Sustainable Aquaculture programme is based on a trimester system; February, July and September in an academic year. Application is open throughout the year and can be done via: https://oas.ia.unimas.my/


Core Modules

  • STA6013 Sustainable Aquaculture Practices
  • STA6023 Sustainable Farm and Hatchery Management
  • STA6033 Fish Health Management
  • STA6053 Water Quality and Waste Management
  • STA6043 Advanced Breeding Techniques
  • STA6063 Advance Genetics and Biotechnology in Aquaculture
  • STA6073 Research Methodology
  • STA6093 Contemporary issues in aquaculture
  • STA6112 Post Harvest Technology
  • STA6082 Precision in Aquaculture
  • STA6102 E-Marketing
  • STA6124 Research Project

Elective Module (Choose 2)

  • STA6143 Entrepreneurship
  • STA6153 Management in the Workplace
  • STA6183 Monitoring Using Earth Observation (EO) and GIS
  • STA6133 E-Business
  • STA6163 Human Resources Development
  • STA6173 Ecological Science


Malaysian student RM 18,966.00
International student RM 25,900.00

Fees include administrative, tuition and course materials for the duration of the programme. Further payment will be required if the
students extend their studies.

Student supported by the goverment, employer or other sponsor should bring a
confirmation letter by addressing to UNIMAS that the fee will be paid directly by the sponsor.


Dr Roslianah Asdari

Master of Science in Sustainable Aquaculture Programme Coordinator
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
94300 Kota Samarahan,
Tel : +60 82 582979 |  +60 14 350 2421
Email : aroslianah@unimas.my 
Website: http://www.frst.unimas.my
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
94300, Kota Samarahan,
Sarawak, Malaysia
Email : corporate@unimas.my
Tel : +60 82 58 1000

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