Master of Science (Learning Sciences)

The Learning Sciences programme in UNIMAS is interdisciplinary in nature, combining advanced knowledge and skills in the areas of cognitive sciences, instructional technology and educational research in its curriculum framework.

Learning Sciences is the study of how people learn. Findings from Learning Sciences are often used to guide in designing instructional practices and learning environments that enable effective learning. Learning Sciences as a field of study focuses on promoting instructional practices grounded on the scientific understanding of how humans learn.

Research in Learning Sciences centres on understanding the complexities of human learning and thinking, and it explores how knowledge acquisition takes place in a variety of formal and informal real life settings. Learning Sciences looks into how learning can be improved and enhanced, by considering the potentials of emerging technologies to scaffold for meaningful learning. It looks into issues, problems or challenges that learners of all ages face, through the lenses of cognitive science, socio-cultural studies, and educational psychology.


The MSc Learning Sciences programme starts in September and February every year. Application is open throughout the year and can be done online via:


Learning Sciences Component

  • KML 6013 Cognitive Science Foundations of Learning Sciences
  • KML 6023 Psychology of Learning for Instruction
  • KML 6033 Social and Cultural Dimensions In Learning and Instruction
  • KML 6043 Scientific Inquiry
  • KML 6054 Seminar in Learning Sciences
  • KML 6066 Research Paper

Learning Technology Component

  • KML 6073 Design of Learning Environments
  • KML 6083 Development of Technology-Based Learning Enviroments
  • KML 6093 Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Research Methodology Component

  • KML 6103 Qualitative Research in Learning Sciences
  • KML 6113 Quantitative Research in Learning Sciences
  • KML 6123 Applied Statistics in Learning Sciences


Malaysian student RM 16,772.00
International student RM 24,072.00

Fees include administrative, tuition and course materials for the duration of the
programme. Further payment will be required if the students extend their studies.


Encik Mohd Hafizan bin Hashim

MSc Learning Sciences Coordinator
Faculty of Cognitive Sciences & Human Development
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
94300 Kota Samarahan,
Tel : +(60-82) 082-581515 / 1906
Email : hmhafizan@unimas.my
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
94300, Kota Samarahan,
Sarawak, Malaysia
Email : corporate@unimas.my
Tel : +60 82 58 1000

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