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UNIMAS Innovation endavours to facilitate and support research, development and commercialisation of research products among UNIMAS community.

This consists of activities in engaging our researchers with the Malaysian Government Ministries, industries, research institutes, other universities and international institutions. UNIMAS Innovation also serves as an administrative secretariat to UNIMAS Research and Services Committee (RSC), Research Expert Panels, Research Chair Steering Committee and UNIMAS Conference Committee.

Presently, UNIMAS Innovation oversees research grant allocations provided under the Mnistry of Higher Education (MOHE), the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), as well as UNIMAS internal grants.

Moreover, UNIMAS Innovation is dedicated to nurture the university's community in research by organising workshops on research enhancement as well as road shows to faculties and institutes within UNIMAS.

Furthermore, UNIMAS Innovation aspires to assist our researchers with opportunities to commercialise their research findings in efforts to enhance social and economic impacts.

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To be a leading university in research, innovation and services to meet the changing needs of society.


Promote, develop and cultivate a research culture among researchers. Ensure research and service sustainability within the research community.

Our Achievements

Our researchers strive for high-quality research.


RM 10,911,090.17

Commercialised for year 2023.

10 Projects

Worth of secured funding for year 2023

RM 86,296,054.17

Worth of funding secured (2017-2023)


Indexed Journal Publications for year 2023.

Research Collection


The Amorphophallus Plants of Borneo

Insights into their diversity will help to understand and protect them and their natural environment.

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Bacteria Power

Bacteria living on soil and chicken manure could provide low-tech and sustainable green energy.

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Vaccines and vitamin D: Measuring immune response

Researchers in Sarawak, Malaysia, measured the immunity responses of people who received different COVID-19 vaccines.

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Absorbing impact: Inside the head of a Woodpecker

Inspired by the woodpecker's ability to strike trees with its beak rapidly and repeatedly without injury...

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Au naturel approaches for healthcare and biodiesel production

Researchers in Malaysia are using the chemistry of natural products for sustainable health and energy solutions...

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The evolutionary history of puddle frogs

A study on puddle frogs suggests underestimated biodiversity in Southeast Asia.

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