Master in Environmental Science (Land Use And Water Resource Management)

Master in Environmental Management (Development Planning)

The Faculty of Resource Science and Technology (FRST) and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH) jointly offer a capacity building academic programme for the promotion of sustainable land use and natural resource management in Malaysia (SLUSE-M). This programme confers either a Master in Environmental Management (Development Planning) or Master in Environmental Science (Land Use and Water Resource Management). Master in Environmental Management (Development Planning) or MEMD is offered by FSSH while FRST offers Master in Environmental Science (Land Use and Water Resource Management) or MELW.

The programme is modeled on and implemented in parallel to a similar programme initiated by a Danish consortium of universities (SLUSE-D). SLUSE-M applies natural and social scientific theories and methodologies in developing interdisciplinary approaches to understand the problems and finding solutions related to sustainable use of natural resources. This capacity building initiative is realized through the improvement and integration of education, training and research involving students and academic staff of UNIMAS, in collaboration with other local and foreign universities and agencies.

SLUSE-M programme offers three main components as follows:
  1. Joint SLUSE module;
  2. Joint Experiential module; and
  3. Core module which would stream students into two possible majors of either MEMD or MELW.
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The Master in Environmental Management (Development Planning) or (MEMD) or the Master in Environmental Science (Land Use & Water Resource Management) (MELW) programme has one intake every year in September. Application is open throughout the year and can be done online via: 

Joint Field Course as an International Field Work

Joint field course is considered one of the highlights of the SLUSE programme where students are given the opportunity to apply their interdisciplinary knowledge in research methodologies in the context of real-life issues while allowing for intercultural exposure and academic discourse between international and Malaysian students. See here to view Joint Field Course conducted in 2024.


Joint SLUSE Module

  • JSM 6012 Ecological System: Concept and Issues
  • JSM 6022 Land Use and Natural Resource Management
  • JSM 6072 Community Livelihood Strategies and Agricultural Systems
  • JSM 6042 Applied Environmental and Resource Economics
  • JSM 6053 Monitoring Using Earth Observation (EO) and GIS
  • JSM 6064 Environmental Management Instruments and Systems

Joint Experiential Module

  • JEM 6014 Interdisciplinary Methodology
  • JEM 6025 Interdisciplinary Field Work and Report/ Project Paper

Core module (MEMD)

  • CMD 6013 Development and Society
  • CMD 6023 Development Economics
  • CMD 6033 Regional Development Planning
  • CMD 6043 Project Planning and Evaluation
  • CMD 6056 Research Project

Core Module (MELW)

  • CML 6013 Ecological Science
  • CML 6022 Green Management and Technology
  • CML 6032 Sustainable Soil Resource Management
  • CML 6045 Water Resource Management
  • CML 6066 Research Project


Malaysian student RM 17,272.00
International students RM 27,200.00

Fees include registration, tuition and course materials for the duration of the programme. Further payment will be required if the students extend their studies.


Master in Environmental Science (Land Use and Water Resource Management)

Dr Jeffrine Rovie Ryan Japning

Programme Coordinator (via Coursework)
Faculty of Resource Science and Technology
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
94300 Kota Samarahan
Sarawak, Malaysia
Email: rjeffrine@unimas.my
Phone Number: +6082 58 2999
Website: http://www.frst.unimas.my
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
94300, Kota Samarahan,
Sarawak, Malaysia
Email : corporate@unimas.my
Tel : +60 82 58 1000

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