Faculty of Economics and Business

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Established in 1996, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) now comprises 62 academicians and researchers. The faculty is supported by 15 supporting staff which further strengthens the faculty's core business and services. The faculty is also well-equipped with teaching and learning facilities and located next to the Lakeview cafe making it a conducive environment for the students and staff.

FEB Surrounding View

FEB is surrounded by picturesque view, facing the magnificent lake.

FEB Open Space

FEB has an open space for outdoor activities, meet-ups and students' activities.


Each classroom is equipped with teaching and learning tools for a more condusive study experience.

Computer Labs

The faculty is also equipped with computer labs for a different and meaningful learning experience.

Lecture Hall

A spacious and comfortable lecture hall is also available to cater for more students and faculty's events.

FEB Escape Room

A spacious and comfortable place to unwind after a long day in class.

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