Faculty of Language and Communication

Panorama 360' VR

Faculty of Language and Communication (FLC) is the 9th faculty established in UNIMAS and was formerly known as the Centre for Language Studies (CLS). CLS was established on the 1st December 1993 and played a major role in building am empowering the language skills of students as well as staff. CLS continued to expand and was finally upgraded to Faculty of Language Studies and Communication Studies (FLSCS) in January 2016. It was later became known as the Faculty of Language and Communication (FLC) in July 2017.

FLC Surrounding View

FLC is surrounded by picturesque view, facing the magnificent lake.

FLC Main Lobby

The main lobby is an open space where events, meet-ups and students' activities sometimes are conducted.

Multimedia Theatre

A spacious and comfortable hall is also available to cater for lectures with more students.

Computer Labs

The faculty is also equipped with computer labs for a different and meaningful learning experience.


Each classroom is equipped with teaching and learning tools for a more condusive learning experience.